Working on the new site

This is a blog post that I added to the new site.

News… as opposed to articles or columns would go here.

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About Paula Goodlett

In October of 2003, I broke my left foot. Long story, complicated. Pretty silly how it happened, really. So, to prevent boredom while I was off work, my husband and I went out and bought a computer. I’d experienced boredom after retiring in 1994, and already knew I didn’t like it much.

I lurked on Baen’s Bar in the 1632 conferences for a couple of days. I’d always loved those books and had seen an ad for the forums somewhere. I decided to try my hand at a piece of fan-fiction. Little did I know . . .

Boredom hasn’t been a factor since.

8 thoughts on “Working on the new site

  1. Rob

    I can’t find any other place to send a message. The “form” to request a new password, if you can’t remember your old email address or it’s no longer valid, does not show up. I remember my username and I get the message that the link has been sent but I do not remember my email address. Please help.

  2. Russell Leaming

    Wow! I have been absent so long that I completely missed the makeover. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of dead-tree books to read, so I came looking for the good ‘ole “Grantville Gazette.” Imagine the horror and shock when I found “Old Yeller” gone…

    But, having followed the bread crumbs I found this shiny new site! Oh no, I couldn’t log on because I could not remember my login name, and my email address wasn’t recognized. No matter, since I knew that my last yearly subscription was long dead, I simply registered anew, paid my yearly fee, and here I am at last!

    Only to find the “Download HTML” is broken. I did manage to find the .pdf versions, so now have 43 through 47 safely stored on my hard drive in the dedicated ..\Books\Eric Flint sub-folder and can enjoy some terrific reading from my laptop (or tablet) before going to sleep this evening.

    Parenthetically, I live less than two miles from where Eric reputedly lives in East Chicago, but have never managed to see him shopping in any of the local stores… 🙂 Darn it, I came back too late and missed the Mini~Con a few short weeks ago.

    1. Russell Leaming

      Apparently no one – not even the webmaster! – actually reads these messages, but… whatever.

      Here I am back after having received no fewer than four emails from Paula urging me to resubscribe and even offering a 10% discount using the REUP2014 code! As a bonus, I could also use ONEFREE1014 to get a free month…

      Now I find that I cannot resubscribe “early” since my current membership doesn’t expire until May 23, 2015, so neither of those “enticements” are of any use to me whatsoever. Oh well, at least I know Eric’s physical address now, not that I particularly care one way or anothre, but he’s actually closer to my home than I had imagined. 🙂


    What is going on! When I try to read a story, I am told to sign on,
    but when I sign in I am still told to sign in. So I sign out and sign in.
    Still told to sign in? HELP!!!

  4. David Grubbs

    with the new site….I do get this months, but unable to access the older issues other than the cover photos. Click on the photo or the issue that is of an older gazette and you get a page but not the magazine at the different stories within the issue. In short there is something messed up in it…help?

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