Not too late for Holiday Gifting

Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Hanukkah, New Years, thinking ahead towards Valentines Day; it’s not to late to consider a gift from the Ring of Fire!

Several 1632 series books either have become available in 2015, or are available for pre-order.

Think of someone special today! After all you are special, aren’t you?



4 thoughts on “Not too late for Holiday Gifting

  1. Westie Hunter

    After the total destruction of the wrecking crew and company men, I have been hoping for some fun in Mudville. Their metamorphosis into sun glare blind, no St Pat was an Englishman guibbing , respectable adults was depressing. Unfortunately, mature, staid, somber adults with responsibilities do not have adventures. They dutifully meet 16 ton quotas and get another day older and deeper in debt. Is there any hope of some fun in Mudville?

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