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About Jackie Britton Lopatin

I graduated from Western Michigan University in 1978 as an English major and Library Science minor with a special emphasis in children’s literature. While there, I also earned an Award of Arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Because of this, I can design and sew medieval garb, can juggle, weave baskets, and will willingly cook a medieval feast for 200 if given a week’s notice and an appropriate budget.

I worked at my local public library in their Children’s Room for a dozen years and discovered that although I’d always considered myself a writer, there’s a special joy to standing up in front of an audience and telling stories.

After leaving the library to home-school my daughter and to start my own videography business, I directed two half-hour video documentaries (Buncombe Beginnings and The Fairbank House Speaks to America), as well as taping other small projects.

Currently, I describe myself on Facebook as “Chief Cook and Defender of the Faith at the Lopatin Flute Company.” My skills came in handy as I put together a photo documentary, “Dreams to Reality: Designing a SquareONE Alto Flute,” for the business as well as writing press releases, designing print ads, and supervised the production of two music cd’s. Mostly, though, I brag on my husband, Lenny, and do whatever’s necessary to keep his butt in his technician’s chair. Oh, and I make the pads for his square-holed instruments.

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