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About Chet Gottfried

Chet never suspected that stopovers in Iceland, hiking among sheep and mountains in England’s Lake District, and traveling in northern Europe would one day have a practical purpose. Combine that with his enjoyment of history, ship modeling, and a passion for writing, and it all comes together courtesy of the Grantville Gazette.

As a freelancer in book production for the past 30 years, Chet has experience in all aspects of editing and design/composition. His own publications include reviews, articles, stories, and one novel, The Steel Eye, and he’s a member of the SFWA .

With his wife Sue and three cats, Chet is presently living in State College, Pennsylvania, opposite a game land which fulfills his needs for hiking and nature photography. His website features a thousand pages of photographs, artwork, cartoons, and what have you.

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-- Gazette Staff