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About David Dove

I’m just a small town guy from a little bitty place in Southern Illinois with a population of only 300, now living in the hustle and bustle of the greater Washington, DC area. After graduating with a degree in accounting, I served one term in the Army and am now working as a Department of the Army civilian.

I love to read and have done so all my life, mainly science fiction and fantasy, but also military thrillers and historical fiction. I am an accomplished cook, but since I’m a lifelong bachelor, I tend to specialize in one pot meals. My main interests are music, singing, and dance, and in recent years I’ve found I really like to perform. My one big goal in life is to visit every country and see all the sites on the World Heritage list.

You could call me a jack of all trades, since I can and have done many different things in my life. But, while I’m good at a lot of things, I don’t know if I’m great at any of them.

While I have written stories and other things before, I have only really submitted one story, the one that got me on this list. Hopefully there are more in my future!

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-- Gazette Staff