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About Vincent Coljee

I am from 1967, a good year if I say so myself. I am Dutch-Canadian, happily married to a wonderful English lady. I only first came across the 1632 book in early 2006 and played catch-up until the end of 2007 when other things came in between me and this particular hobby. My interests in history and science stem from a very young age, and have been going strong since. I have built up a fairly substantial science fiction collection over my lifetime and have been known to attempt to devour libraries in my pre-parent days. I am finding alternative history is my favorite, although I certainly also stray back to the hard science fiction fold since alternative history is still pretty thin on the ground, although there are new authors breaking in now more regularly.

Professionally, my training was in the USA, with a chemistry degree in college and a PhD in biochemistry and biomedical nutrition completed in Philadelphia, followed by a post-doc in Boston. I did a five year stint in Denmark at a Danish biotechnology company in the early 2000’s (that’s how I ended up missing out on 1632 for so long). Following that, I spent some time at Harvard while setting up a biotech company with a friend. That way I became the Chief Scientific Officer of a biotech company until the end of 2012, something that took a lot of time away from reading and writing fun things, but certainly was exciting. I am currently back working at Harvard University, researching the biophysical secrets of DNA and DNA protein interactions.

I have two kids, boy who is a chip of the old block, and a lovely young lady who is taking after my dear wife (lucky for her). I will likely remain focused on science/medical related fiction and especially non-fiction. I am a proud dyslexic, have worked hard to become who I am despite people’s believes. I am a firm adherent of the scientific method even in my own life, it is whatever works (within reason and ethics). For those other dyslexics out there, take heart, we don’t all need to be like Edison, Ford, Agatha Cristie or even Einstein. ;o)
Previously published works by Vincent W. Coljee are:

“Herd Immunity,” Grantville Gazette , Volume 10

“A Gift of Blankets,” Grantville Gazette , Volume 11, co-written by Kerryn Offord. Please see the entry under both names to read the story.

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