6 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover- 76

  1. wiley coyote

    So, basically an AT-6 Texan, two place, 500? HP cast iron Radial, burning either petrol or alkie.
    Radio? Sureley–Isn’t it in the Syllabus? Antenna must be Huge or a Long Wire?
    Hard-Points on the Wings? Ordance? Fabric is hemp or linen, over wood and steel struts?
    Nordic & Germany=COLD! Heating system???
    Hand Pump Landing Gear or the Terrible 1930’s Hand Crank mechanical Linkages?
    From Past Stories, Who owns this design: the Kelly Bitch from The Crazy Family, or the Downtimers who developed the composite TransAlp Transporter?

    Thanks for GREAT SKY ART!!!

    1. Garrett W. Vance Post author

      Thank you, WC!

      This was based on a design someone made on the bar a number of years ago (sorry, can’t remeber who now!). I took a modern plane that resembled it and chopped it up to match the Gustav outline.

  2. wiley coyote

    Ah well, wasn’t that the “Golden Age” of aircraft design? Before WW II and US Gov Rules?
    Draw it, try it. IFF’N it flies–Sell it!

    Gustav’s and the Romantic Escapade are Safe in the Lore!
    Can’t wait until we see some more of the Composite People trotting out Slow, Heavy Hauler Biplanes, with regular routes and a Series of Stories! These first two-three have been good! I would love to see your Cover of an IL-38-Mammoth! BIG and Colourful!

    Am off for a few days to Village K to help with the woodpile for this winter, (10 m3) firewood, and determine IF this is next Flop or if Russian does not want me around.

    Until then,
    KEEP ARTING, and think about a Farm Boy or Farm Girl, between a SMIDT STEAM TRACTOR and a team of oxen.

    Many thanks! Wc

  3. wiley coyote

    Just recovering from First Cataract Surgery!
    Vision is Wonderful–Ditto Light intensity!
    I REALLY Appreciate this Art-Wish I had it hanging on my wall-
    Where-ever I am going to live next!

    THNX! Wc

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