This Issue’s Cover – 69


This Issue’s Cover – 69

This cover springs, or rather pounces, from the pages of “The Long Road Home, Part 2” by Nick Lorance. To honor their fearless and fiercely just Sergeant Hartmann, his men base their new regimental flag on his recently acquired nickname: “The Wolverine.”

The Latin text of the motto,  Aequo Pugna speciem mihi, translates as, “It looks like a fair fight to me.”

Don’t mess with the Sarge!

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3 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover – 69

  1. wiley coyote

    Just copied and will forward, hopefully!, tomorrow, sober, to a Friend on the Eastern Front–
    The Ukrainians will appreciate the idea!
    The Baltic States are already gathering plans and weapons for the Russe, with or without USA.

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