This Issue’s Cover – 68


This Issue’s Cover – 68

This cover was inspired by Mike Watson’s story Greetings! Please note that Gazette art is not considered canon, and this is simply the artist’s interpretation of what a USE Marshal’s badge might look like, based on historical US Marshal’s badges.

Cheers, Garrett


4 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover – 68

  1. Johan Belin

    I must admit that the marshals insignia makes me kind of uncertain. Mike Stearns et al went to certain pains to distance the USE from Sweden and set it upp as a separate political structure albeit with a common monarch. Same deal as the union between Sweden and Norway from 1814 to 1905. I kind of doubt that they would put the symbol of Sweden in the middle of it. Never mind this just nitpicking.

    1. Garrett W. Vance Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Johan. The coat of arms in this case does not represent Sweden, but rather Gustav, Emperor of the USE- note that the shield is black rather than blue. That symbol is on the USE national flag, so I thought it would be appropriate for a federal agency.

      My interpretation is by no means canon, so it is wide open for someone else to come up with another version, I’m sure we would love to it!

      1. Johan Belin

        I had completely forgotten that the lesser coat of arms was on the USE flag. It probably goes to show how dangerous preconceptions are. Today in Sweden elements of the lesser coat of arms have been incorporated as a symbol of many government or state institutions so to me it was a symbol of the nation not the monarch. Doesn’t prove anything about the seventeenth century so I’ll happily go with your marshalls insignia.

        As an aside the three crowns are used more or less as the initials G.I. in the Swedish military. Just about everything you are issued with i stamped with three crowns.

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