This Issue’s Cover – 65

GG 65 Cover

This Issue’s Cover – 65

Baseball Season Begins, 1637

A Dutch family who has relocated to Grantville find they must adjust to new traditions.

The source image is attributed to Quirijn van Brekelenkam, 1622-1679.

Several thoughtful readers have commented that they are enjoying the covers featuring juxtapositions of the new and old timelines, so I continued in that vein for this issue. I had intended the boy in his new uniform angling for Mom’s grudging approval to be the focal point, but I think good ole’ Dad checking out the bat ends up stealing the show. I hope you enjoy it, batter up!

Thanks, Garrett


3 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover – 65

  1. leegibson

    3? Are those French fries on the table along with the bread and cheese? What was the father holding in The original? Are Giuseppe Arnolfini and his pregnant wife going to make an appearance. They are my favorite duo from the era.


  2. Bill Scott

    Thank you for the large pic covers; my screensaver and desktop love them. The covers continue to reflect the wonderful work ALL of you do to make Grantville Gazette the (very high) standard for continuing series in any genre.

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