This Issue’s Cover -64

GG64- Cover

This Issue’s Cover -64

Bad News from the Future!

Charles I of England learns that things did not go well for him in the future that Grantville came from!

The source artwork is a portrait by Gerrit van Honthorst, 1628.

Cromwell’s England is a book that may or may not exist. If one does, this isn’t that one.


6 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover -64

  1. leland lay

    your juxtapositional art is always both thought_provoking and amusing. I wish you could backtrack on some of the art in earlier issues and provide comment.
    Lee Gibson

    1. Garrett W. Vance Post author

      You are welcome, Bill, thanks for commenting! When the dust cleared after the site move, it seems the old cover pages didn’t survive the trip. I’ve been meaning to go back and replace them, but it will be a big job. Knowing there’s someone out there who would appreciate the effort is encouraging, let me see what I can do.

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