This Issue’s Cover -62

GG62- Cover

This Issue’s Cover -62

Early Adopter

Rainer Prem very kindly sent me a link to the original painting, thinking that it may be useful, and indeed it was! Thanks, Rainer!

The source painting is Woman playing the Virginal by Jan Miense Molenaer (1610-1668).

Replacing the spinet with a laptop was fun, adding another downtimer ‘early adopter’ of uptime tech to the ranks. I’m pretty sure people of any century would enjoy playing Galaga, given the chance.

In case anyone is wondering, the laptop is an IBM Thinkpad 750C from 1993.


3 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover -62

  1. Lorraine Rovig

    I’ve always liked the original and I like what you’d done to it.

    Maybe you know: What is under her feet? Dutch shoe clogs for rainy weather? A heated foot warmer? Just a foot stool for a short lady?

    1. Garrett W. Vance Post author

      Hi, Lorraine, and thank you! I’m very pleased that you enjoyed it. I always fear someone might take exception to my tampering with great art from the past, it is truly meant to be all in good fun. Regarding the object, I believe Rainer is correct, it looks to be a foot stool.

  2. Rainer Prem

    @Garrett: You’re welcome… I *love* how you changed the painting. I’d have preferred Tetris, but Chacun à son goût.

    @Lorraine: It’s obviously made from wood, so it’s most likely a footstool to keep her dainty feet away from the tiled stone floor. (No floor heating in that time)

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