The Sons of St. John

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About Jay Robison

Jay Robison lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Kristi, son Mike and dogs Hoosier and Graham, having moved there 11 years ago from South Bend, Indiana to attend graduate school at The University of Texas. After earning a screenwriting degree at U.T., he kept finding excuses not to move to Los Angeles and try life in Hollywood. Jay’s a contributer to the writing blog Papercoach, a diarist on the political website DailyKos, and has been a reader for the Austin Film Festival’s screenplay competition, which has helped subsidize his attendance at AFF’s writer’s conference for ten of the last eleven years. He currently works at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, a kennel in Pflugerville,Texas, to support his writing habit.

In June 2001, Jay appeared on the game show Jeopardy!, where he was a one-day champion, proving that he’s approximately 1/72nd as smart as Ken Jennings. “O For a Muse of Fire” is Jay’s fourth story for the Grantville Gazette.

Jay’s story “Trials” is in Ring of Fire II.