Capacity For Harm

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About Richard Evans

Dick Evans, also known as Richard Evans is, a dual-service (Army Navy) veteran who unforturnately had his career cut short due to a serious accident and was forced to retire early. He currently resides in Middletown, Ohio. He almost finished college at Miami University (Oxford,Oh) except that the first Gulf War interfered with his last semester and somehow he never went back except for sports games.

Stuck between a rock and a migraine most of the time, he finds the time to make his fingers hit the keyboard and knock out a few stories every now and then. He’s known for his wicked and odd sense of humor, and devotion to chocolate in its darkest forms.

He hopes one day to be a full time Baen Author, but is quite happy these days due to getting published in the Grantville Gazette. He, like many writers, is owned by two cats who seem have plans to take over the world. Until they encounter a new catnip toy and forget everything else, that is.

He grew up in South America, most of the time spent in Brazil and some spent in Sweden. He is not responsible for you burning any food while reading his stories, but he is willing to trade recipes.

Rumors that when the going gets tough he seeks the solace of chocolate and bubble baths are unfounded, no matter what his editors say.