A Question of Faith

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About Anette Pedersen

Born and raised in Denmark.

B.Sc. in Geology.

M.Sc. in Micropaleontology.

Degree in Business Administration and Accounting.


My father had taught himself English, while sailing on the Far East, where the only books regularly available in the harbors were American paperbacks. He especially liked the Science Fiction, but back in Denmark SF in English was not readily available, and only a few Ray Bradbury had been translated. He arranged to have a local book store import SF, especially anything new by Heinlein and Double Ace books, and as my brother and I grew up and learned to read, he made handwritten translations of Andre Norton’s Solar Queen series, and later of more serious books such as Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land.

Making handwritten translations is a very slow and time-consuming hobby, so long before language lessons started at school I had followed my father’s example, taught myself to read English, and at the age of twelve was reading every SF I could get my hands on.

As an adult I’ve written scientific papers in English, but I’d never considered writing fiction until Eric Flint made an open call for 1632 stories from the Barflies. I decided to give it a try, and write a story about a German priest on the run after rebelling against his superiors after the destruction of Magdeburg in 1631. After a rewrite this became the first Father Johannes story, “Family Faith,” published in Ring of Fire I. The second Father Johannes story, “A Question of Faith,” was included in Grantville Gazette, Volume 8, and a third, “Faith in Princes,” is aimed at the 1635: The Torturer of Fulda project together with five other stories centering on the historical Hatzfeldt family.

I’ve also written a series of non-fiction articles about food in 1632 starting with “The Daily Beer,” and followed by “The Importance of having a Pig,” “Tell Me What You Eat,” and “What’s for Dinner,” which are presently being published. I’ve got notes for several more articles, and I’m presently working on one on gardens and gardening methods.