Announcing Ring of Fire Press

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Ring of Fire Press, which will be reissuing, with Baen’s permission, certain materials originally published online in the Grantville Gazette.

First, it will be publishing certain stories that were serialized across several issues of the Gazette. That way, you can read them without hunting through the various Gazette issues. Secondly, it will be publishing several themed collections of fact articles.

The Ring of Fire Press volumes will be available through Amazon as Kindle editions, and through Amazon and CreateSpace as paper editions.

The RoF Press createspace store is available at:

All available titles are listed here: Amazon Kindle

Titles already released, or coming soon:

Kim Mackey,Essen SteelKindle
Herbert Sakalucks and Eric Flint,The Danish SchemeKindle
Garrett W. Vance,Second Chance BirdKindle
Douglas W. Jones,Joseph HanauerKindle
Kevin H. and Karen C. Evans,No Ship for TranquebarKindle
Wood Hughes,Turn Your Radio OnKindle
Airships and Flight 
Railroads and Steam 
Roads and Transportation 
Ships and Sailing 
Medicine and DiseaseKindle

Please check back with CreateSpace and Amazon frequently.


About Grantville Staff

Eric Flint – Publisher and Editorial Consultant

Paula Goodlett – Editor

Bjorn Hasseler – Assistant Editor

Rick Boatright – Head Geek and Editorial Board Member

Laura Runkle – Editorial Board Member

Walt Boyes – Editorial Board Member and Chief of Marketing

Garrett W. Vance – Art Director

Emeritus Members:

Cheryl Daetwyler – Editor Emeritus (deceased)

Karen Bergstralh – Editorial Board Member (deceased)