And it’s . . . Dragon*Con!

This year. Labor Day weekend. Atlanta, Georgia. Dragon*Con.

Yep. The 1632 con within a con will be there.

Will you?

Panelists are expected to include Eric Flint, Virginia DeMarce, Paula Goodlett, Chuck Gannon, Rick Boatright, Gorg Huff, Walt Boyes, David Carrico, Iver Cooper, and Kevin and Karen Evans. Panel titles, participants, and times will be available at a later date.

You should register as part of Dragoncon to participate; for registration, hotel information, directions, etc., see

See you there!

We believe the [W] stands for the Westin Hotel. All sessions are in [W] International A.
Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. Just show up.
4:00 pm ALT 1632: Chocoholics in 1632 – Withdrawal or Not?
5:30 pm ALT 1632: Money, Money, Money: The Invisible Hand
10:00 am 2.5 Hrs ALT 1632: Weird Tech
2:30 pm ALT 1632: Population Growth In The Early Modern Era
4:00 pm ALT 1632: The Little Ice Age
5:30 pm ALT 1632: Land Use In Early Modern Germany
10:00 am ALT 1632: Points East
11:30 am ALT 1632: Time Passed In The Past
2:30 pm 2.5 Hrs ALT 1632: Music Of The Ring
5:30 pm ALT 1632: Clothing Of The Times
10:00 am ALT 1632: Snerking The Plots
11:30 am ALT 1632: How To Get Published In The Gazette
1:00 pm ALT 1632: Back To Basics


About Grantville Staff

Eric Flint – Publisher and Editorial Consultant

Paula Goodlett – Editor

Bjorn Hasseler – Assistant Editor

Rick Boatright – Head Geek and Editorial Board Member

Laura Runkle – Editorial Board Member

Walt Boyes – Editorial Board Member and Chief of Marketing

Garrett W. Vance – Art Director

Emeritus Members:

Cheryl Daetwyler – Editor Emeritus (deceased)

Karen Bergstralh – Editorial Board Member (deceased)