One Step Toward the Clouds

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About Sean Massey

Sean Massey was born in 1981 in a not-so-tiny suburb northwest of Chicago. After spending his first eighteen years there, he packed his bags and moved to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin where he attended Marian College. He graduated from Marian in 2005 with a degree in Information Technology. He is currently employed in a local cookie factory as the Network Administrator.

Sean is currently dating a very beautiful girl named Laura. They have been together for over two years at the time of this writing.

Outside of work, Sean tries to keep himself as busy as possible. He is a semi-professional photographer focusing on sports and landscapes, and he will soon be expanding to weddings and other events. He is also heavily involved in the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity, which he joined while he was at Marian. He currently sits as Vice President on the chapter’s Alumni Association. In his free time, he enjoys camping and fishing.