Grantville Police Department

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About John Zeek

John Zeek was born in 1946. He began reading Science Fiction when he was 10 years old with the stories in Boy’s Life magazine, since then there has been no going back. He also reads westerns, Police and military fiction, but SF is his true love. John is a retired High school teacher and former police officer. He has a BS in History and Government and an MSED.

Over the course of his teaching career he has taught a number of subjects ranging from European History to Marriage and Family living, with stops between teaching Math, Economics, Sociology and Computer Literacy. He has coached Jr. High football and girl’s basketball, and once for two weeks was a band director.

He has an interest in black-powder weapons and is an avid target shooter. He is a new writer and so far has concentrated on the 1632 universe and has had short stories and factual articles published in the Grantville Gazette.

John presently lives in Southern Ohio with his wife of thirty-five years. They share their home with Sly, a Maine Coon Cat.

John’s story “The Suhl Incident” cowritten with Eric Flint appears in 1634: The Ram Rebellion

In addition, John is a member of the Firearms Round Table and has cowritten several gun articles.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, John Zeek passed away in July 2012.