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About Mark Huston

Writing has always been on the list of “Things To Do” for Mark H. Huston, but he never seemed to get around to it, with life, family, career, and all of that stuff in the way. But the happenstance discovery of the 1632 series, which led to Baen’s Bar, added with his long time interest in the “what ifs” of history came together in 2002. This combination finally gave him the impetus to get off his butt and write something.

Working with the 1632 community gave him a framework to begin his writing, make many mistakes, get support and feedback, and get better at it.

Mark makes his living as a sales engineer, and brings a deep background of technical problem solving to his writing. In addition, he has been a pipefitter, welder, HVAC repairman, sales manager, plant manager, engineer, actor, theater producer and director, playwright, racecar driver and fabricator for twenty-five plus years, auto mechanic, lousy student, mime, active church member and “religion junkie,” factory worker, broadcaster, and a roadie. He claims not to remember a lot about the roadie experience, as it was in the early-mid 1970s.

He desires to become a better writer and storyteller, and check more things off his “Things To Do” list, before he gets too old to care about it. He writes a column for a local Chicago area real estate magazine, and has been published in the ASHRAE Journal.

Mark lives in the Chicago area, and is married to his amazingly loving and patient wife Kristin. They have three above average kids and a mongrel dog, or as Kristin says, “Five children and herself.”