Fiddling Stranger

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About Russ Rittgers

Russ Rittgers is a CPA who doesn’t do audits, thank you very much. He prefers to prepare personal income taxes (except his own). No one at corporate shows half the appreciation and thanks that an individual taxpayer does.

Retired from the Naval Reserve, his duty assignments ranged from the Philippines to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. He’s now waiting for the munificent military retirement checks to start rolling in once he reaches age sixty. He is married with two no-longer children.

Russ began writing while on trips, during airport layovers and in hotel rooms. His first four novels are still a collection of 1’s and 0’s on a hard drive and will never see the light of day until posthumously discovered and proclaimed to be “great works of his early writing career.”

He has been posting in 1632 Slush since 2003 and his first published story is “Chip’s Christmas Gift.”

Russ’ story “Ellis Island” is in Ring of Fire II.