Best of 2017–The Finalists

Thank you for sending in your nominations for the Grantville Gazette‘s Best of 2017. You’ve narrowed it to ten stories, and now you get to select the very best.

Please post your selection to the Grantville Gazette Facebook page or post a comment to this article at or email Walt Boyes at or Bjorn Hasseler at

The nominees are:


“The Company Man,” Ed Lerner, Grantville Gazette 71 (Universe)

“Greta’s Day Off,” Phillip Riviezzo, Grantville Gazette 72

“Blood Brothers,” Eric S. Brown and Robert E. Waters, Grantville Gazette 73

“Etude, Part 3,” David Carrico, Grantville Gazette 69

“Old Habits,” David Dove, Grantville Gazette 74 (Time Spike)

“The Touch of Iron,” Steve Quinn, Grantville Gazette 74 (Universe)

“Whodunnit?” David Carrico, Grantville Gazette 72

“The Long Road Home, Part 2,” Nick Lorance, Grantville Gazette 69

“Barbie and the Musicians of Bremen,” Joy Ward, Grantville Gazette 71

“The Monster Society: From the Ashes,” Eric S. Brown and A. G. Carpenter, Grantville Gazette 71




9 thoughts on “Best of 2017–The Finalists

  1. dwarf

    A number of great options here, but I have to go with The Touch of Iron. I’m a sucker for SF using nonhumans to show that what people are doesn’t determine who they are.

    1. Janet L.ewis

      Whodunnit is tightly written, has a beginning middle and end, it’s funny, it has some surprises, good characters— Andy Wulff is a fave— and it shows consequences and culture clash from the advent of Grantville.

  2. Phillip Riviezzo

    As it would be poor form to pimp my own work, I’d have to give my nods towards The Long Road Home. I always love reading Sgt. Hartmann stories.

  3. leegibson

    Ive had to reread all the contestants, but I am drawn to the uniqueness of “Greta’s day off”. The point of view makes me remember Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury”, but with a happier ending”
    Lee Gibson 🙂

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