Best of 2016 Award

Best of 2016 Award


We have had some wonderful stories over the past 10+ years. So, we have decided to give an award for the best 1632 Universe fiction published in the Grantville Gazette in 2016. If this goes well, we’ll do it again for 2017.

Here’s how we’ll do it. You read the stories (fiction only, please, for the award) and nominate the ones you think are especially award-worthy. You can nominate by posting to the Grantville Gazette Facebook page or by writing a comment after reading the story, or by emailing your nominations to Bjorn Hasseler at or to Walt Boyes at

Nominations are open from now until April 1st, 2017. After that, we’ll collate the nominations and publish them on the Gazette Facebook page. We’ll point you to a Survey Monkey ballot for the final vote.

We are looking forward to seeing what you think are the best stories we published in 2016.



4 thoughts on “Best of 2016 Award

  1. Glenn Horton

    Dark side you have embraced. Choice of one we must make. Stories of excellence too many there are. Simplistic choice of one distubance in the Force causes.

  2. Sunwyn Ravenwood

    What I would like is a way to beg for books. I am irked by having to dig around for good stories. I love it when stories are enlarged and improved and published as ebooks. I want to see the Red Lion (and Dwarf) series of Bjorn Hassler turned into a book. And the Sgt. Whatisname series. And the Northwest Passage. And the Anaconda Project…

  3. gary dahmen

    I’ve paid my money since issue #1 made hard copy’s as back-up for computer blow-ups. But this is the best readable crack that’s legal. And I gladly pay out my money for it. G Dahmen

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