Minicon 2017

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The 1632 Universe is so vast that we have been having a Minicon every year, for many years now, to allow our authors and fans to connect in person—and get to hear from Eric where the series might be going. That's called "Snerking the Plots," and it will again be one of the panels at this year's Minicon.

This year, the Minicon will be co-located with Balticon 51. Yes, the Baltimore Science Fiction Society has been holding this con for over 50 years! With the help of the Balticon staff, Joy Ward has assembled some pretty cool panels, including some that have been re-imagined. Of special interest is the panel on war in the 1630s, which will be moderated by Chuck Gannon.

Here is the tentative schedule for the Minicon. We hope you can make it!



How to Write in the 1632 Universe
Friday, May 26 16:00


Weird Tech
Friday, May 26 17:00 (two hours)

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