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This issue’s cover features a pair of State of Thuringia-Franconia national guardsmen mustering in a Grantville parking lot. The soldiers were painted by an unknown period artist, the photo of Mannington, West Virginia is courtesy of The (non-canon) state flag was designed by me, incorporating the flags of Thuringia (above) and Franconia (below), with a single USA star on navy blue in a red circle, symbolizing Grantville and the Ring of Fire. This piece is also appearing in the Grantville Gazette advertisement for the 2015 LibertyCon convention program book. The copy I wrote for the advertisement goes with the art, so I will include it here:

In the year 2000, a cosmic
Ring of Fire transported the
sleepy West Virginia coal-
mining town of Grantville to
Germany, circa the year 1632,
smack-dab in the middle of
the Thirty Years’ War.

The Americans brought many
wonders with them: Liberty,
Democracy, Electricity, Flight,
and Modern Firearms…
Europe hasn’t been the
same since.

-Garrett W. Vance, Art Director


2 thoughts on “This Issue’s Cover -60

  1. Garrett W. Vance Post author

    Hello Richard,

    I think what you might be referring to are larger versions of the past issue covers, something that got lost in the mix when we migrated to the new system. I will look into seeing what we can do to resolve the issue. Thanks for your interest!

    Garrett W. Vance , Art Director

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