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1632 Fiction

Rock and Roll Barbie

The Knaub Home Early Autumn, 1636   “Katrin, why do you hate your family so much? Do you want to see us reduced to the laughing stock of Bremen? What have I or your brother ever done to you to make you despise us in this way?” Herr Knaub stood in his richly-appointed study across [...]

The Railroad Business is Murder

Suhl, Thuringia-Franconia March, 1636   “And it was at this point that Mr. Lang said that he would kill Mr. Schumacher. Wasn’t it?” My knuckles turned white as I gripped the arms of the witness chair hard enough to make it creak. I stared daggers at Mr. Hartmann, the prosecuting attorney. I had to find [...]

Clique, Clique, Boom

Calvert High School, Grantville April, 1635   "Why must we attend gym?" Anna Keime groaned as the girls filed into their locker room after gym class. She was a new arrival this semester and was adeptly fitting into the social structure. "Mens sana in corpore sano." Junior Alicia Rice recited in a slight singsong. "A [...]

The Savage Oath

The day had dawned clear, sunny, and more cheerful than it had any right to be. Like a cruel joke, the days since he laid Susannah in her crude grave had been glorious ones—the ones that Susannah had loved. She would spend days out in the sun for no other reason but to enjoy the [...]

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Notes from The Buffer Zone: Visions of the Future

One of the main features of living in Las Vegas is the influx of tourists—different tourists—on a weekly basis. For one weekend last fall, motorcyclists had a big gathering, and the city grew loud with revving engines and blaring rock music. In December, a big rodeo conference came through with the most white people I’ve [...]

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