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1632 Fiction

Donauwörth or Bust

City of Augsburg December, 1635   "Husband?" H.A., Horatio Alger, Burston knew his trophy wife wanted something. That was the only time she tried to sweet-talk him, and she knew 'husband' was a sweet word in his ear. "Yes, Dear?" "I've been thinking." "I hope it didn't hurt." "Horatio, you are such a tease. I [...]

The Redemption of Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones knew what others thought about him. He was fat, they said. He was lazy. He was a bigot, racist, and general slob. He was bad luck. The Demon Murphy was his best friend. For the most part, they were right. He was loud, crude, and lazy. But on the charges of bigotry and [...]

Der Teufel

I could hear them talking in whispers behind my back. No one had ever had the courage nor the courtesy to say ANYTHING to my face. MY only friends, my brothers in blood and war, were now gone to God's grace. Their deaths and my care for them had followed me and only contributed to [...]

Continuing Serials

A Puritan Voice, Part 1

Chapter 1: Le Havre   Nicholas Knapp, known aboard the ship by the stolen name of Jean-Marc Crevier, stood at the bow of the ship, enjoying his first taste of freedom from his cramped cabin in months. His first taste of cold freedom, he thought as he wrapped his cloak tighter around him. October was [...]

Ein Feste Burg, Episode 24

Chapter 33: A Comedy of Errors and Wires     Erfurt April, 1635   "You're such a . . . prude!"  Laurel Jenkins stopped dead. Margarethe Mayer, her down-timer roommate, who had just uttered that rather rude accusation, looked at her, smirking and pointing to Laurel's belly. Laurel's gaze followed Marga's finger, and she could [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Photography in the 1632 Universe: Part 2: Touching the Rainbow

Color Imagery   The sine qua non for color photography is a panchromatic film—that is, one sensitive to the entire visible spectrum. Chances are that it will not be equally sensitive to all wavelengths, and that can be corrected by filtration of the more effective wavelengths (at the cost of a longer exposure). But if [...]


Notes from The Buffer Zone: Inspired Content

On Wednesday, October 2, WMG Publishing, my husband Dean, and I launched a Kickstarter. It’s our fourth of 2019, and the second one to feature my writing. This one, though, is even more special to me than the other Kickstarter that featured my writing. That May Kickstarter launched my latest Diving Universe novel, which appeared [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

Requiem (an Honor Harrington story)

"Requiem" came about because I have had on my bucket list for a long time a desire to publish a story in David Weber's Honorverse.  A few years ago I approached him about writing a story to submit to one of his Worlds of Honor anthologies.  He graciously gave me permission to submit, but told [...]

Where the Lilacs Do Not Bloom

Crimson blinked at him from inside the exhibit case. Peter scanned the water boiler, the hazmat suit, the Bug: all dead for decades before he'd even been born. And yet, in a palm-sized panel on what would be the Bug's "belly," light flickered—four letters, starting with 'N' or 'H.' Peter's tasks as assistant curator included [...]