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Grantville Gazette Celebrates Its 100th Issue


(EAST CHICAGO, IL) March 1, 2022: 1632 Inc. Celebrates 100th Issue of the Grantville Gazette!

Eric Flint and 1632 Inc., the world’s largest multi-author shared universe, with more than 12 million words in electronic print and paper print, are pleased to announce the release of the 100th issue of the Grantville Gazette, the bi-monthly magazine of the 1632 or Ring of Fire Universe.

In its first one hundred issues, one hundred and eighty-eight separate contributors have told stories and written articles. The word counts of their combined efforts in the Gazette alone total approximately 7.32 MILLION words, with more coming in every day. It is an SFWA-qualifying venue, and many of those writers who got their start in the pages of the Grantville Gazette have gone on to successful careers as science fiction or fantasy writers.

It all started, of course, with the wildly successful novel, 1632, by Eric Flint. A lot of people, enamored of the idea of a 20th Century mining town being sent back through time to 1600s Europe, wanted to tell stories set in the Ring Of Fire universe. A number of fans found an outlet to tell their own stories in Eric’s 1632 corner of the internet forums of Baen’s Bar. Some stories were so good they attracted Eric’s attention and approval. So it was that way back around the turn of the century The Grantville Gazette was formed. The magazine started as a, “when we have enough stories, we’ll publish ‘em,” kind of publication. By 2004 Baen Books began publishing entire volumes of collected issues of the Gazette, and by 2007 the magazine was paying professional rates and producing a bi-monthly issue. In the meantime, Baen shifted gears to publishing “best of” collections spanning multiple volumes of the Gazette. Many an author’s career was launched by inclusion of their stories in the pages of the Grantville Gazette.

And the Grantville Gazette alone hasn’t been enough to serve the voracious appetite for stories generated by the series and the magazine, and Ring of Fire Press and Baen Books have collectively produced eighty books in the Ring of Fire universe for another 6.16 million more words.

Think about that a moment! A total of approximately 188 authors generated more than 12 million words in a fictional universe. A lone author, even the most prolific, would be hard-pressed to write so much in a single lifetime, let alone less than twenty years. Along the way, the magazine, its editors, contributors, and the ringmaster himself, Eric Flint, have created a community of people who have not only expressed a collective hope for the future, like all SF fans but considered a greater question.

If given the chance, could we, would we, have done better than our ancestors in the 17th century? When a publication has touched the lives of so many, so deeply as the Grantville Gazette has, it has a duty to go on serving the community that has formed around it. Revolutionary America had Committees of Correspondence, fora where members could contemplate, discuss, and plan for a better future. Much like those Committees, this century’s milestone aims to not only entertain and commemorate the last hundred issues of hopes and accomplishments but shape the next.
In honor of our 100th issue, the Grantville Gazette will be published to be read or downloaded on the magazine website,, downloaded in various ebook formats at, and available in Kindle and trade paperback formats on

We do hope you’ll enjoy!

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