Here’s was Uncle Timmy had to say about the 1632 mini con coming to Libertycon.


Now I have a LibertyCon Block Buster Announcement for you! Trumpets please! Eric Flint released this on Facebook on March 19th, “After it became clear that we wouldn’t be holding the 1632 series minicon at Contemporal this year, we approached LibertyCon and they’ve agreed to host us. LibertyCon is a longstanding and very popular SF convention in Chattanooga that I’ve attended a number of times, including as MC and Literary Guest of Honor…” That’s right folks, we will be hosting a 1632 minicon inside of this years LibertyCon. Since the renovation of the Chattanooga Choo Choo, we have gained a large function room in the lobby area of the Centennial Theater that will be perfect to host these festivities. We will also be hosting a large number of the writers who contribute to the 1632 universe including Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett, Virginia DeMarce, David Carrico, Walter Hunt, Iver Cooper, Gorg Huff and others. And that didn’t even include David Weber [our LGOH] and Charles “Chuck” Gannon who were already going to be at LibertyCon. I hope that you can tell that I am stoked with this news. I can also tell you that I will be standing in the autograph line along with the rest of you to take advantage of this opportunity. BRING IT ON!


I think it was very nice of him. Don’t you?