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This issue of the Grantville Gazette, #85 (September, 2019), provides a good illustration of the magazine. All of the authors featured in this issue except Kristine Kathryn Rusch got their start here. Other than the two most recent authors (Tim Sayeau and Yaroslav Barsoukov), all of them have gone on to become novelists, either in collaboration with me or on their own or both. That’s true of many other authors who appear in the Grantville Gazette, as well as the entire staff of the magazine. Walt Boyes and Bjorn Hasseler, the editor and assistant editor of the magazine, have published many short stories in both the magazine and anthologies and Walt is currently collaborating with me on a novel. The art director, Garrett Vance, has published two novels of his own as well as many short stories. And our production manager, Gorg Huff, has over the past fifteen years or so published many novels either in collaboration with me or working with his long-time partner Paula Goodlett—who is the former editor of the Grantville Gazette. Whether you’re interested in exploring the Ring of Fire series or just enjoy good F&SF stories, and especially if you enjoy watching new writing talent emerge and grow, this is a magazine you’ll want to read regularly.

Eric Flint

Author/Creator of the Ring of Fire Series

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