Vol. 90, July 2020

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Editing In a Plague Year   Welcome to another issue of the Grantville Gazette, in which your humble editor and his able henchman, Bjorn, try to keep our masks on without touching our faces, and still manage to get the magazine out on time. We offer for your delectation, if not titillation, "First Kiss" by [...]

1632 Fiction

Inside the mind of Blaise Pascal, Blaise Laboratories and distillery, Bamberg October, 1637   History would not have been overly kind to Blaise Pascal. His accomplishments as laid down in various encyclopediae were mostly intellectual and he had, in the end, died alone and childless. Even his similar triangle theory stumped most up-timers until he [...]

City of Jena, SoTF January, 1635    The night was dark and, judging from the position of the moon in the sky, still only half way through. Ludwig Kepler, doctoral student of medicine, ripped his eyes away from the little window and looked back up at the grey ceiling of his chamber. Hands clasped behind [...]

Continuing Serials

Chapter 5 Amiens Nicholas' world was one of pain and disjointed flashes of recollection. Images flitted about him, reality blending with hallucination, separating and then blending again. One moment he was lying beside his campfire; the next, he was in a bed, the next back by the fire. Above him stood a man in a [...]

Chapter 1   Magdeburg July, 1635   The radio hissed and crackled in the headphones. ". . . and thank you for joining us on Adventures with Great Music this Sunday evening. I'm Atwood Cochran. Good night." Julius Fickler set aside his crystal set earphones and sighed. "What?" Julius looked over to see his cousin [...]

1632 Non Fiction

It is relatively easy to find a list of the provinces and free cities in the United States of Europe. They're all in Chapter 35 of 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught. But finding information on the composition of the State of Thuringia-Franconia is much harder. One reason for this is that the New United States was [...]


So Fan-Girl
These days, I never know what to expect. I trained as a historian, and always thought, I hope I never have to go through tough times like . . . whatever era I was studying. Secretly, though, I feared that I might. As I got older, I worried more and more about whatever that tough [...]

Ring of Fire Press Marches On! We are beginning to publish nearly one new title a week. Here's some of the forthcoming titles we are offering! Blood's Cost by David Carrico Paperback Release Date: July 1, 2020 eBook Coming Soon! Duncan corNial, an exiled highlands clansman, now belongs to the Blues, a religious order which [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 90 Blaise's Dream Inspired by Tim Roesch's charming story First Kiss. A brand new P-51 Mustang? The perfect gift for that special someone from a very special young fellow!

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

  Chapter One   Wherein Lord Dampnut Demands a New Hairpiece   "Junkers!" bellowed Lord Dampnut. "I need a new one!" He threw the hairpiece into the corner on top of a large pile of hair pieces of varying colors and styles. "I want a new one. Perhaps a ferret or two. No. Make it [...]

Away out here they got a name For rain and wind and fire The rain is Tess, the fire Joe And they call the wind Maria . . . *   Rumors said Abby was leaving. Wind was blowing again. The solar wind, streaming out from the sun, entangling with the enormous magnetic field of [...]