Vol. 89, May 2020

Read Me First…

The words for the month are Bill Shatner’s: “Stay home, stay safe, and be kind to each other.” And while you are doing that, you can enjoy a brand new edition of the Grantville Gazette. In this issue, Eric S. Brown and Robert E. Waters have added to the saga of Fast-As-Lightning-In-The-Sky with their story [...]

1632 Fiction

Near the Border of Modern-Day Rhode Island and Connecticut March, 1636   Fast as Lightning in the Sky could smell the smoke before he saw it. This wasn't normal smoke, like the kind blowing through all Mohegan or Narragansett villages, from fire pits roasting meat or boiling water for maize and beans. This was a [...]

Father Benedetto had lost his faith. He was young and talented; he could read and write English and French, besides Latin and Italian. He had precision engraving skills. He'd traveled to several Italian cities. Nevertheless, Rome had relegated him to the Formia backwater. Strictly speaking, he supposed, "Rome" hadn't precisely exiled him. The fat bishop [...]

Continuing Serials

Chapter 4: Outside Amiens   Phillippe looked around him trying to gauge if Gerard was where he needed to be before Phillippe could begin his part of the plan. Gerard was to circle quietly around the Englishman's campsite to intercept him should he try to flee. Phillippe would openly approach the fire and talk to [...]

Wettin Residence, Jena December, 1634   November went by like a blur. Linda had been focused on getting her coursework finished. Peter had been busy getting his practice and patients ready for the move to Leahy, and the children were bristling with anticipation and dread of leaving Jena and returning to Grantville. There was so [...]

1632 Non Fiction

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So Fan-Girl
This is not the apocalypse that one branch of science fiction has long predicted. Oh, some of us thought it was at first. A long-time friend of mine, a heck of a good science fiction writer, said to me in mid-February that this was The Stand. And I said, I don't think so.  Then we [...]

One of the few industries that has grown with the pandemic is the publishing industry. We are grateful to all of the people who are quarantining themselves against the spread of COVID-19 for buying our great books and letting us grow. We are growing. Starting very soon, we will be releasing three books a month, [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 89 Lighting the Peace Pipe Inspired by concepts from Eric S. Brown and Robert E. Waters' gripping story Rage of the Black Tooth.

Best of 2019   Here are the three finalists for Best of 2019:   "Broken Strings" by Meriah L. Crawford and Robert E. Waters "Clique, Clique, Boom" by Bjorn Hasseler "Requiem" by David Carrico   Please send your votes to walt@waltboyes.com. We plan to announce the one you select at RoFCon (Ring of Fire Con), [...]

Time Spike

Stone Wall Village fields, behind enemy lines   T'cumu watched in dismay as the enemy's Spaniard directed his troop of Rattlesnake Warrior pikemen to form a long line across the meadow grass. He studied the man, so similar to his friend, but a sinister shadow surrounded him, a stark contrast to Gonzalo's warm light. T'cumu [...]

Universe Annex

  "This," said Nick, while he jiggled the doorknob and forced the key to unlock the door, "is my humble home." His sister scanned the small apartment in seconds. "Where's your room?" Cecily flicked a newly-dyed wayward long strand of metallic blue hair away from her left eye. Nick's right eyebrow arched—he saw a new [...]