Vol. 84, July 2019

Read Me First…

Welcome to another edition of the Grantville Gazette! This month's issue coincides with the 2019 Minicon, which is being held in conjunction with Westercon, Spikecon, NASFiC, and the Manticon. Hopefully, you're there and we can meet and greet you. In this edition of the Gazette, Bjorn Hasseler offers us "Researchers Temporal and Spiritual," about a [...]

1632 Fiction

December, 1633 Grantville   Casimir looked around his very own room in a boardinghouse in Grantville. Bed, table, a couple chairs, all well-made. He stepped out into the hallway, locking the door after him. Down the hall was a bathroom with running water and a flush toilet. Casimir checked his appearance in the finest mirror [...]

Grantville February, 1636   It started as such a simple idea. Really, just as a classroom exercise. The school had been holding classes for several years, but it hadn't been dedicated because the construction was never really finished, because the school kept growing, because more down-time Lutheran families with no particular interest in the miracles [...]

Continuing Serials

Grantville July, 1636   Kathy Sue Burroughs opened her front door to see Press Richards, Grantville's police chief, standing on her front porch. She opened the screen door. "Come on in, Press," she said. "Brother Al is already here." "Thanks, Kathy Sue." Press took off his cap and stepped through the doorway. Kathy Sue closed [...]

1632 Non Fiction

There are numerous portable electronic devices in Grantville that will be very handy to keep in operation in the new time line. However, many of those devices run only on battery power. If the batteries are non-rechargeable, then the point will be reached when they no longer provide enough "juice" and they must be replaced. [...]


Please join us at Spikecon in Layton, Utah on July 4-7 for the 1632 Minicon. Spikecon is actually four cons in one: Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, 1632 Minicon 2019, and Manticon 2019. Westercon is the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, and is held in different cities each year. NASFiC is the North American Science Fiction [...]

Last year, I got mad. After a fraught few months in which I nearly died, and then we moved, and our entire lives were in upheaval, and some of my good friends died (or were dying) and everything was just plain hard or sad or confusing or new, my husband and I went to a [...]

Here we go again, with more great books published by Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press! On April 30, we published Virginia DeMarce’s marvelous The Legions of Pestilence about what happens when the up-timers are faced with the scourge of the plague. They know what it is, they know how to fight it, and they [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 84 The Apostate Attacks! Inspired by David Carrico's thrilling tale, Apostate, Part 2.      

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

PING-PING, PING-PING! The alert woke Charles LeMont, captain of the buoy tender, CNAS Halcyon, a naval auxiliary ship. He slapped the link on his wrist to shut off the pinging and sat up in the dimness of his cabin. His eyes felt gummy. He rubbed them, trying to remove the sleep grit that had accumulated [...]