Vol. 81, Jan 2019

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Believe it or not, we've gotten through another year in the life of the Grantville Gazette. While we are all waiting for the next volume in the mainline of the series, 1637: The Polish Maelstrom, we can look at all sorts of things that are lurking in the corners of the New Time Line. I'd [...]

You—our readers—get to nominate a story from Grantville Gazette issues 75-80 as the Best of 2018, Please send your nomination to walt@waltboyes.com or bjorn@1632.org. Nominations are open until April 1. We will post the finalists in Grantville Gazette 83, coming out May 1, 2019 and then announce the winner at the 1632 Minicon, which will [...]

1632 Fiction

Jean-Marc Crevier was a simple man of simple needs.  He didn't long for treasure, though a few francs in his pocket for women and wine was always appreciated.  It was too bad the only alcohol to be had was a swill that should have been left in the horse and the women were too uppity [...]

Burgundy, France - the REAL Burgundy, not Bernhard’s Burgundy Spring, 1634   “I’ve got a gardener,” the baron said around a mutton chop. “Two of them. And a boy to do the weeding.” “Sieur,” André Le Nôtre started, but the baron interrupted him. “Why should I take you on? Because you’ve got a bit of [...]

Besançon, Burgundy Thursday, May 8, 1636   A knock at the door of his suite broke into Patriarch Kyril Lukaris's thoughts. One of his assistants hurried to the door, and a guard matched the priest stride for stride. The guard already on duty at the door edged into a position from which he would have [...]

Luck always seemed to find Danel Nahon—that is up until five years ago. He entered his home and found his wife in the kitchen mending one of their daughters' dresses. "I'm returning to Grantville in a week with Javier for business." Dora barely paused in mid-stitch. The set of her mouth that made her lips [...]

Sandgate Ward, Allhallows Parish, Newcastle-upon-Tyne May, 1636   The rat knew, as soon as it woke up, that it was in port.  The sharp tang of ocean air had been replaced by the enticing aroma of the town middens.  The roll of the ship in response to the long sea swells had been superseded by [...]

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1632 Non Fiction

The only cryptographic system that is perfectly secure is the one-time pad (OTP): in essence, a system in which every plaintext message is encrypted in a different, truly random key whose length is equal to the length of the message, and which is never reused. In practice, a OTP may be implemented in a way [...]


Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press has had a wonderful 2018, and we're powering into 2019 with new 1632 books and science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history that aren't in the 1632 Universe. We will have two new David Palmer books, Threshold and Tracking, both of which have been turned in and are in the [...]

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I grew up in the American Midwest. In northern Wisconsin, to be precise, where the tip of Lake Superior touches both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Most of my weather memories of those years are of severe cold and deep snow. The time our house got buried after a blizzard, and we had to exit from my [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 81 Elektrischer Tannenbaum A little Christmas cheer feels good in any year.

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Universe Annex

In “The Company Man” (May 2017 issue), our eponymous hero, a Belter forensic accountant, finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A mysterious something (chemical? bacterial? nanite infestation?) is about to be released into the underground habitat at a platinum mine on a remote company asteroid (“the Rock”). The crew is evacuated [...]

This will never work, you know, said the voice in Daksha's head. ''We'll see about that, won't we?'' she replied out loud. She continued to paint the face on the newly carved doll sitting on her workshop table. Everything else faded into the background as she worked, like always. The cramped, hot, untidy little workshop, [...]