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The Story So Far . . .

Wahoo! Welcome to the wide, wide world of the seventeenth century, with this issue of the Grantville Gazette! Don’t worry that the train only has one rail, we’ll explain that later. Jump on and hang on. First, we have “The Mark of the Lion,” by Kerryn Offord–what you must do to win a Medal of [...]

The Mark of the Lion

Zielona Góra, Poland Thursday, October 18, 1635 Captain Casper Havemann of Charlie Company, 20th Battalion, the Hangman Regiment edged a little higher over the debris at the end of the street his company had just cleared. Beyond was open ground. That did not bode good if they had to cross it. He turned to his [...]

These Boots are Made for Walking

Previously (in "Goodbye," Grantville Gazette 78)   Hermann Donnersberger from Munich put a beer into his hand, breaking his reverie. Matthias didn't know much about him, so far. That would change soon enough. What he did know was that Hermann's father was a well-known swordmaker and Hermann himself was a messerschmied, a knife smith, by [...]

The Traitor’s Oath

Robert and Susannah typically spent evenings in separate chairs on either side of the fireplace—Robert usually with a book, the Bible more often than not, tipped so that he could read by the firelight, Susannah in her own chair, the day’s knitting and darning in the basket beside her. The comfortable smells of a home [...]

Protecting the Seed

Paris Mid-September, 1633   Sunday in the d’Aubray household presented difficulties. Before, Sundays had been idyllic, the Lord’s Day, the Day of Rest. Marie Ollier and Antoine Dreux d’Aubray mère et père would attend either morning or evening Mass at Notre-Dame de Paris while three-year-old Marie-Madeleine and one-year-old p’tit Antoine stayed at home in the [...]

A Matter of Balance

Somewhere near Kranichfeld September, 1633   At the age of twenty, Dafydd Gough, of Cardiff, Wales, wanted excitement. So he took his farrier journeyman ticket, signed on with a mercenary company, and went to follow the sound of the guns. But instead of shooting, the mercenary company valued his experience. So he ended up shoeing [...]

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The Art of Secret Communication in the 1632 Universe: Part 2, Machine Cryptosystems

More complex (and hopefully more effective) encryption is possible with the aid of machines: dedicated mechanical and electromechanical devices, mechanical, electronic (and fluidic) calculators; and programmed electronic (and fluidic) computers.   Mechanical Crypto Machines   Prior to the advent of the digital computer, machines were built that could encipher or decipher messages according to rules [...]

Notes from The Buffer Zone: Old-Timers

I’ve become one of the old-timers. I had an inkling of that these past few years, after I was the guest of honor at MileHiCon and watched the younger writers mill around. I had another inkling when so many of my writer and editor friends passed away recently, and I realized that conventions would not [...]

Hot Off Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here’s the place to shop for the book lovers on your list. Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press has something for every reader! Here are a selection of titles, and by Christmas we will have even more, including TimeSpike:The Mysterious Mesa, by Garrett W. Vance; Ganny Knits [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 80

This Issue’s Cover- 80 The U.S.E. Imperial Medal of Honor As featured in Kerryn Offord’s Mark of the Lion.

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The Company Mole, Part 1

What has gone before . . .   In “The Company Man” (May 2017 issue), our eponymous hero, a Belter forensic accountant, finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A mysterious something (chemical? bacterial? nanite infestation?) is about to be released into the underground habitat at a platinum mine on a remote company [...]