Vol. 79, Aug 2018

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Well, it is that time again! Welcome to the wonderful, wide world of the seventeenth century, with this issue of the Grantville Gazette! We have a widely-varied offering for you this issue, so let's get to it. Have a seat on the train . . . Beginning with radio, "The Stillborn Voice of John the [...]

1632 Fiction

Masonic Lodge, Grantville Spring, 1636   "So, you are thinking about endowing a chair at the college?" Henne Weber asked John Paul Kindred. Henne Weber, one of the recent inductees into Grantville's expanding Masonic Lodge, spoke good English, despite a strong accent. The lodge operated in English; the possibility of changing hadn't seriously crossed the [...]

Salisbury, Wiltshire, England 1637   "Honestly, I can't stand you anymore!" Charlotte screamed at the sewing machine in front of her. "Every time I get close to making my quota on time, you break! And do you have any idea how much I get fined for your tempers?" "Shh," the girl next to her, Jane [...]

Paris Early September, 1633   Marie-Madeleine Marguerite d'Aubray clutched her Barbie and peered through balcony railings to the scene below. For a wonder, neither of her parents were with her. She loved Papa and Maman, she really did. Papa would always pick her up and carry her about, calling her his little angel and giving [...]

Nagasaki, Japan Kan'ei 10, Eleventh Month, Day 25 (December 25, 1633) Manoel Lagoa, chief diver of Macau's Japan Fleet, had his hand cupped by his ear. At last he heard the sound he had been waiting for: Dong. . . Dong. . . Dong. . . Dong. . . Dong. . . Dong. . . [...]

Gönningen, Duchy of Württemberg February, 1633   The icy wind was blowing through Stephan Drechsler's dark hair, as the village school master helped to lower the tiny coffin into its grave, the rough rope cutting into his exposed hands. He noticed neither the wind nor his bloody hands. His mind was too busy trying to [...]

Grantville June, 1636   T.T. Schultz came into the kitchen where his nephew Hans was setting at the table working his way through a stack of letters, some of which were rather thick. “Anything good Hans?” The young man looked up, and the white-blond hairline with a widow’s peak made the chubby-cheeked family resemblance quite [...]

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1632 Non Fiction

In my previous article in this series, I explored the ship of the line, heavy frigate, and frigate plans that came back through the Ring of Fire to the 1630s via Howard Chapelle’s “A History of The American Sailing Navy.” This book was referenced as a core text the USE Navy had to work with [...]

Everyone has secrets. Sometimes, those secrets have to be communicated to someone else, but there is a risk of the communication coming into the hands of an unintended third party. Secret communication has three aspects. One is physically protecting the communication from interception while en route or theft after it is received by the intended [...]


Notes from The Buffer Zone: Fandom Changes By Kristine Kathryn Rusch   Because I live in downtown Las Vegas, I see the strangest things. Almost every window in my place overlooks different wedding chapels. On the afternoon of May 4, I looked out one window and saw two stormtroopers loitering near the prettiest wedding chapel. [...]

In this edition of HOEFRoFP, the releases are starting to ramp up! The first is the reissue of David R. Palmer's famous Emergence, which has been awaited greatly.  You can get it on Amazon, and soon on our website and from Baen eBooks. We are now working on Palmer's Threshold which is scheduled for this [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 79 Manoel on the Run This issue's cover is inspired by Iver P. Cooper's thrilling adventure, Escape From Nagasaki! Thanks, Iver! 面白い! (fun and interesting!)

Time Spike

Stone Wall Village   A massive, dragon-like head poked out of the forest's shadow-filled edge, nostrils open wide and sniffing deeply. Drawn by the scent of fresh blood and the clamor of conflict, it licked its six-inch long fangs in expectation. It was such a wonderful thing to let other creatures fight their battles, then [...]

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