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The Story So Far . . .

Welcome back to the wild and woolly seventeenth century! In this edition of the Gazette, we bring you some talented writers with unusual stories that will surely entertain you. In “Goodbye” Thomas Scot shows us a new journeyman—and the journeyman does what journeymen are supposed to—he journeys. We get a good look at how crafts [...]


A small valley in the mountains south of Kaprun, Archbishopric of Salzburg February, 1630   A full moon was standing above the small alpine valley, its silvery light reflected by the blanket of snow Frau Holle had thrown over the landscape from the skies. In most places, the white cover reached the height of a [...]

The Observer

Grantville Thursday, March 15, 1635   Barbara Kellarmännin stood at the bus stop in the Brethren settlement. This time of year, any frequently-trampled ground was both muddy and slushy, so she had chosen a firm spot a short distance away from her fellow students. She wore a thick coat over her dress and skorts underneath [...]

The Freeman’s Oath

Robert Lockwood looked down at the table, empty save a few papers and a Bible. Only the light of a small fire kept the darkness at bay. The wailing of a nor'easter outside the shuttered windows echoed the emotions he could not express. Whether from reluctance or an overwhelming flood of emotions, he felt only [...]

Cremonensis Faciebat 1632 or, Body and Scroll: The Luthier’s Tale.

December, 1630   Nicolo Amati stared at the plague-pit of Cremona. Inside it were his father Girolamo, mother Laura, sisters Margherita Caterina, Vittoria Caterina, Elisabetta Caterina, and Elisabetta's husband Vincenzo Tili. The plague season this year had done to the Amatis what it and war had been doing to Cremona and the Duchy of Mantua [...]

The Visible Dogs of Grantville

Grantville April, 1635   "Mom's taken a room on Pleasant Street?" Armand Glazer asked in disbelief. "I know she's pushing seventy, but what does she need to give up her house for?" "She likes it up there, Uncle Armand," his nephew, Joe Glazer, calmly replied. "She's says she's 'down-sizing' and she seems to be happy. [...]

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True Blue: Blue Pigments and Dyes in the 1632 Universe

Blue pigments and dyes are rare in nature and consequently blue colorants are precious commodities in the pre-RoF world. Some are minerals, some are plant or animal extracts, and a few are synthetic in nature. A colorant must be incorporatable into the intended substrate, and it should be resistant to environmental conditions (light, heat, water, [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 78

This Issue’s Cover- 78 The Lure of Grantville I thought I would try out the hip new art style I’ve been seeing around lately! The subject matter is inspired by Tim Sayeau’s very entertaining Cremonensis Faciebat 1632 or, Body and Scroll: The Luthier’s Tale. Divertiti!  
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Notes from The Buffer Zone: Conventions in the Sky

I write this a week after I discovered that Gardner Dozois passed away. For those of you who never met Gardner or even heard of him, he was the sf editor for most of his tenure at Asimov’s SF Magazine. He won the Hugo for his editing 15 times. He edited a year’s best sf [...]

Hot Off Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press!

This is a new feature for the Grantville Gazette. We are going to cover the new releases from Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press. Many of the releases are 1632 Universe stories, but others are just darn good science fiction and fantasy. This summer, we’re releasing The Hunt for the Red Cardinal by Sue and [...]

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The Enigma of Charlie Peabody

Bill Helling was driving a U.S. Mail Model A Ford, delivering mail to country farmsteads and ranches, in one of the more remote and thinly populated corners of Lawton County, Kansas. Like most days this late in summer, it was hot and dry. As the road crested a rise, Helling watched a dust devil move [...]