Vol. 77, Jun 2018

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At the Minicon in Tarrytown, Bjorn Hasseler and I announced the winner of the 2017 Best of the Gazette award: Nick Lorance's "The Long Road Home." Congratulations to Nick. And . . . after a fun- and snerk-filled Minicon, we are already planning the 2019 Minicon .It will be held in conjunction with Westercon 72 [...]

1632 Fiction

Magdeburg   As USE Air Force Colonel Jesse Wood walked down the street, a boy standing in front of a shop started shouting at him. "Colonel, please, Sir! Colonel!" Wood turned his head. From his height, boyish features, and dress, Wood guessed that the boy was twelve to fourteen years old, most likely an apprentice. Wood's [...]

"Attention on deck!" barked Marine First Sergeant Petrus Saalwächter as First Lieutenant Matthias Valentiner entered the large room within the Hamburg USE Marine barracks set aside for the daily administrative duties of India Company, Third Battalion, First Marines. This being a Monday morning, the time reserved to hold NJP (non-judicial punishments) for minor offenses committed [...]

March, 1640 Prague   Jan Novak squirmed in his seat during the early morning service, asking God for forgiveness for what he was about to do. Reflexively, he patted the small satchel under his cloak and checked that his bag was still next to him. Bright sunlight was already starting to stream through the glass [...]

May, 1636 Garrett's Supermarket, Grantville   "I wouldn't kick him out of my bed." The comment from Anna Beyer brought a smile to Marilyn Harris's lips. She glanced up from the invoices she was checking. Her co-workers were, as expected, staring out of the window. "He's rather tall, though," Maria Schröter said. Marilyn's smile broadened. [...]

Continuing Serials

Second and Third Platoons of First Company supported by the heavy weapons squad marched west along the road toward the village of Erxleben. Though all of the officers of the battalion had gone through these exercises, Honeker was sure the colonel had ordered and accompanied this field exercise deliberately to make him look bad. That [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Just as a watership may be anchored rather than brought into a shed, an airship may be moored rather than brought into a hangar. However, the mooring system must be such that the airship can be easily moored and unmoored, and it must be able to hold the airship even in a substantial wind. **** [...]

In early September, 1633, after Hans Richter's first solo flight, the Committees of Correspondence began recruiting in Grantville (1633, Chapter 33). These forces became the USE Army, which appears in all of the main spine novels from 1634: The Baltic War on, as well as in Ring of Fire anthologies and the Grantville Gazette. The [...]


So Fan-Girl
I understand science fiction better now than I ever had. Not because I've been writing it my entire life—which I have—but because I moved last month. Let me explain—and to do so, I have to get a little personal. We had planned to snowbird half-time in Las Vegas for years now, and we found a [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 77 Semper Liberi With all the military stories in this issue I thought we could use a recruitment poster!

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Richard Glendower stopped at the top of the stairs, head spinning. "Not again," he muttered as he kept a tight grip on the end of the railing. "Don't be falling down the stairs, man." He made another mental note to talk to his cardiologist about his medications. After a few seconds, things stabilized, and Richard [...]