Vol. 76, Mar 2018

Read Me First…

Welcome to what might be the best Grantville Gazette so far. In this issue, we have two of the best stories that we've bought in years, a great serial starring Sergeant Whatsisname and a short story by Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett, and Gorg Huff in an entirely new universe! We also have nonfiction by Iver [...]

1632 Fiction

  Requiem for the Future (The Story)   Magdeburg Late March, 1636   Friedrich von Logau, poet, epigrammist, op-ed writer, caustic critic, and oft-considered gadfly of the body literary of Magdeburg, was smiling. That would have surprised some of the targets of his wit, undoubtedly. It probably would have frightened others. He didn't care. Marla [...]

Chapter One   October 29, 1636 Palermo, Sicily   Autumn chill nipped at Albrecht's ears as he stepped off the docks, and he pulled up the hood of his cloak to cover them. Palermo had changed in the years since he had left, and not for the better. Where the hand of the Spaniards had [...]

Continuing Serials

I   January, 1635   As he did every Sunday, Hartmann went to do some shooting. He opened the door of the gun shop, nodding to Herr Schönebeck. The shop owner grinned. “Greetings sergeant!” “Morning, Franz. I came to use the range again.” “Ah, yes.” Schönebeck lifted the counter section allowing access, and Hartmann walked [...]

1632 Non Fiction

The ground handling of airships is complicated as a result of the fragility of the airship structure, its continual variation in buoyancy (internal temperature lags behind ambient), and the large surface it presents to the wind (Camplin 167ff). All airship operations are affected by the wind, and the effect is far greater than on aircraft, [...]


So Fan-Girl
Since 2003, I have had a subscription to Sirius-XM satellite radio. Well, back then, it was just Sirius. The reason I subscribed was because I live on the Oregon Coast, and the radio stations we got here were either extremely amateurish with limited programming choices or scratchy, barely tuned-in stations from cities hundreds of miles [...]

Time Spike

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Universe Annex

This is an introduction to the world of The Demons of Paris, a novel written by the three of us that will be published this month by Ring of Fire Press. This will be the first novel in a series. Like 1632, the Demons of Paris universe has modern people who've come back in time, [...]