Vol. 75, Jan 2018

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Welcome to issue 75 of the Grantville Gazette! It is also the first issue of the year, and you are invited to join us in our journey back in time to the 1630s with the folks from Grantville and the millions of down-timers they have landed in the midst of. We have some great adventures [...]

Thank you for sending in your nominations for the Grantville Gazette's Best of 2017. You've narrowed it to ten stories, and now you get to select the very best. Please post your selection to the Grantville Gazette Facebook page or post a comment to this article at GrantvilleGazette.com or email Walt Boyes at walt@waltboyes.com or [...]

1632 Fiction

March, 1636   The droplet formed at the bottom of the clump of snow still tenuously attached to the leaves of the bush Captain Wilhelm Finck of the USE Marines 1st Reconnaissance Company was hiding under. Slowly it grew, until it reached critical size and fell. Wilhelm flinched as the near-freezing drop of water landed [...]

    Magdeburg Early March, 1636   Marla Linder stopped. "What's that?" Her head tilted to one side. "What?" her husband Franz Sylwester said. He moved a couple of steps past her in the snow, then stopped and looked back. "What?" Marla turned slowly, head still tilted, almost as if she was hunting something. After [...]

This story is a continuation of the stories written by the late Karen Bergstralh.   May, 1632   Sleep hadn't happened. Martin really hadn't expected it to. It had been two days since the accident. He was all too poignantly aware, however, that it might be just an event for everyone else, but for Jakob, [...]

Continuing Serials

Magdeburg   From the Journal of Philip Fröhlich   6 July 1635   Saturday Breakfast– 1 wheat roll 3 pfennigs 1 sausage 2 pfennigs 1 mug beer 2 pfennigs Supper– 1 wurst 2 pfennigs 1 wheat roll 3 pfennigs 1 mug beer 2 pfennigs   Dreams were almost riotous last night. I remember them being [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Resources. What do you need? Where do you get them? How do you pay for them? Those are all questions that need to be answered for any real industrial project. And in the 1632 universe, those same questions also need to be answered for the technological developments that the writers in the universe want to [...]

The British set up a storm warning system in 1860. Thirteen coastal telegraph stations were supplied with meteorological equipment and were to report conditions at 9 am. Then London would telegraph back warnings of a storm and the stations would hoist storm signals on a high mast. These would warn of "probable" dangerous winds and [...]


So Fan-Girl
I've been doing a lot of thinking about my phone lately. That could be because I'm going to replace the phone in the next month or so. It's getting a little temperamental and whenever my electronics get temperamental, that means the Kris Effect is about to hit (or maybe has hit). Yes, I'm one of [...]

This Issue’s Cover- 75 Martians Invade Bavaria! Inspired by the wartime action in Kerryn Offord's The Men From M.A.R.S.: The Martians Are Coming.

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