Vol. 74, Nov 2017

Read Me First…

Welcome, my friends, to another ride through the magical wormhole we call the Grantville Gazette. Be prepared! Look carefully, because things in an alternate universe aren't always what they seem. In this issue, we have Alyse Glaser proving that a woman can always do a man's job in "WWJD is the Wrong Question." And in [...]

Best of 2017 Award by Bjorn Hasseler                  Grantville Gazette readers chose "The Winter Canvas: A Daniel Block Story" by Meriah Crawford and Robert Waters as our Best of 2016 story.              This is the last issue of 2017, and it is time to choose another best of the year story. Minicon 2018 [...]

1632 Fiction

Early June, 1637, Grantville   Mouthful of dirt, seasoned with blood. "Owwwwww . . ." Alyse Glazer blinked, trying to remember the last time she'd fallen off a horse. The horse in question stumbled, dodging something Alyse couldn't see, and grazed a steel-shod hoof along Alyse's ribs. The bay filly kept going, but Alyse lost [...]

Paris March, 1634   Armand-Jean du Plessis, priest, bishop, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu and of Fronsac, and chief minister to His Most Christian Majesty, King Louis of France, thirteenth of that name, stood at the window and gazed at the gardeners at their work in the early afternoon. He watched as they plied their craft with [...]

Somewhere in France, 1634   The first rays of dawn touched his face, awakening him gently to a new day. Two heads on the same pillow were all that were not tucked warmly under the woolen covers topping the tavern's fine feather bed. His eyes still closed, Jacques slowly drifted his hand down the soft, [...]

Continuing Serials

Magdeburg   From the Journal of Philip Fröhlich   22 May 1635   Tuesday Breakfast– 1 winter apple 1 pfennig 1 barley roll 2 quartered pfennigs 1 mug beer 1 pfennig Supper– 1 bowl fish stew 3 pfennigs 1 barley roll 2 quartered pfennigs 1 mug beer 1 pfennig   Dreamt last night. Was mostly [...]

1632 Non Fiction

In Flint, 1633, Chapter 14, Jesse tells Jim, "We need someone to organize a weather service. . . ." In Huff and Goodlett, "High Road to Venice" (GG19), set in 1634, Merton Smith of TransEuropean Airlines calls up the weather service and he has weather information from Rome and Bolzano (and it appears that at [...]


In the summer of 1964, my father took a teaching job at the University of California-Santa Barbara. I was four. I have distinct memories of that trip—all age appropriate. I got angry when my mother gave my comic books to another child, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t walk barefoot in the desert when our [...]

This Issue's Cover- 74 Emperor Pumpkin Happy Halloween 1637, Grantville! It's the annual Jack 'O' Lantern carving contest and I'm betting on good ole' Captain GARS for the win!  

Time Spike

Bobby Z saw the traffic light change to yellow and smiled.  There was no way he was stopping.  He shifted gears and stomped on the gas pedal. The Ford Mustang quickly responded to his actions and sped through the intersection Bobby laughed as the wind whipped through the open window.  He reached over, turned up [...]

Universe Annex

Dev ducked under the overhang into what was practically a small cave beneath the hill, trying desperately not to breathe loudly enough to draw the attention of his pursuers. Rust-stained moss covered the old rock around him, and footsteps echoed down from the hilltop maybe twenty feet above. "I swear Devon was right over here," [...]