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The Story So Far . . .

Welcome to the July issue of The Grantville Gazette! I’m your friendly tour guide to the wonders and sometimes head-shaking strangeness of the Ring of Fire. You would think that we are in love with the fiction of David Carrico by how many of his stories appear in this issue. And you’d be right. He [...]


Magdeburg May 12, 1635   Augustus Nero Domitian 'Andy' Wulff looked out his window with a sense of satisfaction. The glazier and the window frame maker had finally gotten two fairly large panes of glass floated and cut and assembled in the frames and installed in his new office. They weren't quite as smooth and [...]

Greta’s Day Off

Night, May, 1636 A Road near Vesserhausen   She woke up. This was not strange, because Greta slept a lot when she was not dancing. She was in her wooden den, and it was moving. This was also not strange—when her den was moving, it meant she could rest, and would not have to dance [...]

Between East and West

Fall, 1634 Gulf of Cadiz, Spanish Coast   The wind was from the southwest as the fishing boat Estrella del Este approached the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. On their right stood the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda, at which the great ships of the flota, the Spanish treasure fleet, were loaded and unloaded. On [...]

Letters From Gronow, Episode 3

Magdeburg     From the Journal of Philip Fröhlich   14 January 1635   Sunday Breakfast– Fasted Lunch- 1 sausage 2 pfennigs 1 wheat roll 3 pfennigs Supper– 1 cup sauerkraut 2 quartered pfennigs 1 wurst 2 pfennigs 1 mug . . . We're really sorry, but this is only available to up-to-date paid subscribers. [...]

SMC, Part 2

VI   Mid-October, 1634 Suhl   I wish I'd thought to bring a gavel. Pat Johnson had rented a room to hold the first official meeting of the consortium. The room contained a long table encircled with cushioned chairs. One side of the room contained windows providing enough light that lamps weren't needed. On the [...]

Time May Change Me, But I Can’t Trace Time

Time May Change Me, But I Can't Trace Time By Charles E. Gannon, Ph.D., and David Carrico (with props/apologies to David Bowie for the title)     (This is the first of several possible articles that will grow out of a series of discussions among the members of the Grantville Gazette extended editorial board.)   [...]

Fair or Foul: Part 1, Observing Temperature, Humidity, and Precipitation

Our up-time characters are in Little Ice Age Europe now, and hence neither their experience with twentieth-century American agriculture nor their limited literature on twentieth-century European agriculture are a completely reliable guide as to what crops will grow where. The effect of the Ring of Fire on climate is also somewhat uncertain.   Airship lift [...]

The Balticon Minicon After-Action Report

This year, the Minicon was bigger and better than ever. This was because the Balticon concom asked Joy Ward, the co-editor of Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press and a Gazette author, to produce four days of panels and activities instead of our normal two. Joy put together a terrific program, which had to be [...]
So Fan-Girl

Notes from The Buffer Zone: Wonder Woman

Notes from The Buffer Zone: Wonder Woman Kristine Kathryn Rusch   For the first time in my life, I cried through a superhero movie. I should probably say, in fairness to me, that I'm a pretty easy crier, especially when faced with stories or something particularly heartwarming. When I was a typically moody tween, I [...]

This Issue’s Cover – 72

This Issue’s Cover – 72   Ode to the Legal Pad   Sometimes it’s the little things.   While reading David Carrico’s very amusing ‘Whodunnit?’ I was struck by the following passage, the feelings of a downtimer lawyer toward the new uptime technology he has embraced:   “Andy pulled one of his beloved legal pads [...]

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Time’s Angel, Part 2

Van Meer rose from the ground like a ghost from a tomb. It was not yet dawn, cold and black beneath the trees. Frost was thin this deep in the forest, but there was a snap to the air and Van Meer's breath condensed on his mustache and beard. He walked among his stacked stones [...]