Vol. 71, May 2017

Read Me First…

Welcome once again to another peek at the alternate world of 1632. The up-timers and down-timers are busy living their lives in the Early Modern Era, but with, of course, the twist that makes this universe alternate history. In "An Iconic Mystery" we see the effect of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's greatest hero on the [...]

The 1632 Universe is so vast that we have been having a Minicon every year, for many years now, to allow our authors and fans to connect in person—and get to hear from Eric where the series might be going. That's called "Snerking the Plots," and it will again be one of the panels at [...]

1632 Fiction

Limoges Cathedral, France February, 1636   "Glorious, Master Renoir, simply glorious," François de Lafayette said, trailing a finger down the palm-sized icon. "Their Majesties cannot help but be pleased when I present your gift to them at the christening." Master Renoir bowed, his face hard as he bowed over his worn, but serviceable, workman's clothes. [...]

Henrietta crossed the muddy yard between the house and the barn, weaving back and forth to avoid the worst of the puddles. It was barely an hour past dawn, and already she was exhausted. No matter how hard she tried to put the Monster Society and the loss of Ray out of her head, she [...]

Nürnberg City Hall April, 1635   "You can't be serious?" Master Grünberg just couldn't believe his ears. "You really want to leave all rifles to these . . . these . . . people?" His voice sounded like what he really wanted to say was "northern barbarians," but in the end, his sense of propriety [...]

Bremen April 1635   "Marieke! Come here now, girl!" Marieke cringed in her bedroom, looking out the blue curtain-framed window at what had begun as a sunny spring day. Her father's bellow told her the day was probably getting worse rather than better. Marieke's stepmother quickly confirmed Marieke's suspicions when she peered around the bedroom door [...]

Continuing Serials

Magdeburg   From the Journal of Philip Fröhlich   19 November 1634   Sunday Breakfast– Fasted Lunch– 1 sausage 2 pfennigs 1 wheat roll 3 pfennigs Supper– 1 barley roll 2 quartered pfennigs 1 wurst 2 pfennigs 1 mug beer 1 pfennig   Have not written in journal other than noting expenses since Wednesday afternoon. [...]

I July, 1634 Suhl Archie Mitchell was about to pull the lever on his reloading press when he heard his wife, Marjorie, call from the front of the house, "Pat's here!" Archie was in what the family had come to call the gunroom. It was a room off the Mitchell's portion of the two-story house [...]

1632 Non Fiction

In part 3, I talked about deck, cabin, and hold illumination. But there's also a need for lighting by which the ship sees what lies around it, and is seen in turn. Lighting may also be used for communication, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore.   Running lights   Stern Lanterns. When ships were traveling in formation at [...]


Notes from The Buffer Zone: The Analog Couch By Kristine Kathryn Rusch   First, before I tell you this story, I must tell you that I’m a member in good standing of the Analog Mafia. When I earned my Analog Mafia button—by selling to Analog magazine—I became one proud, validated science fiction writer. You see, [...]

This Issue’s Cover – 71 Joy Ward's toe-tapping tale of downtime youths forming an uptime style rock band inspires this issue's cover. As a lifelong fan of rock and roll it's great to see the music spread through the Europe of the new timeline, as it should! Maybe next time Barbie and the MOB will [...]

Time Spike

The Great Chiefs' Lodge, Mesa Top   Ni-T'o stood before those gathered around the central fire pit in the cavernous Great Chiefs' Lodge. The various sub-chieftains, elders, and wise-persons from the many so-called 'Pre-Mounds' tribes that made up the recently formed 'Mesa People' were all there. In addition were their rather surprising descendants by a [...]

Universe Annex

Working for paranoids isn't the easiest or the safest way to make a living, but it paid well. It even appeared that I had survived another assignment, and I looked forward to enjoying my hard-earned gains. Afloat in the windowless tin-can cabin of my vessel, three rocks visited as planned, bound for home, I fantasized [...]

Chapter One   "There are eddies in the slipstream of time and refugees among us, borne on desperate currents." –John Roberts   Van Meer stood still, staring at a strand of wire stretched hip-high across his path. He stared intently for a long while. Morning dew settled on his shirt and chilled his shoulders, gathered [...]