Vol. 70, Mar 2017

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Our story continues in Grantville Gazette 70. In 1631, or 2000, the town of Grantville and a ring around it were transported to an alternate universe and plunked down in the middle of Thuringia in Germany, during the height of the Thirty Years' War. Figuring out where and when they were, the inhabitants of Grantville [...]

Best of 2016 Award   We have had some wonderful stories over the past 10+ years. So, we have decided to give an award for the best 1632 Universe fiction published in the Grantville Gazette in 2016. If this goes well, we'll do it again for 2017. Here's how we'll do it. You read the [...]

1632 Fiction

Early April, 1634 Suhl   Dusk came early that evening with a light, intermittent rain. Four, in the shadows, watched the old man walking down the alley. He used a cane and wore a wide-brimmed hat and a long coat of some heavy cloth that shed the rain like feathers off a waterfowl. He was [...]

Early Spring, 1635   Natalie pulled on her boots and grabbed her backpack off the bed. The weather had been mostly wet and grey as spring slowly replaced winter, so she hoped the puddle-filled streets would be enough of an excuse to be wearing boots instead of her normal sneakers. If Mom even notices. She [...]

Near Magdeburg November, 1634   “Hey, Linus! Where is the sergeant?” Becker sighed. The party had gone on until around two in the morning, and somewhere in that time, Hartmann had vanished. “Josef, does it look like I have been assigned to keep track of him?” He picked up the stack of plates, carrying them [...]

  On Top of a Little Boy’s Bed, Bamberg, July, 1636   Joseph Drahuta knew how old he was—nine, but he also knew how old he felt—older. First, there had been the entire Ring of Fire thing, when his entire life changed down to his underwear. Who would have thought elastic waistbands were such a [...]

Tuesday, June 19, 1635 West Virginia County Astrid Schäubin puttered around her room, straightening everything. She tugged at the solid but inexpensive table beside her bed, trying to square it up. It creaked across the wooden floorboards. "Astrid, are you still up?" Her brother Hjalmar leaned around the corner of the doorway. "Obviously." "Why? We [...]

Continuing Serials

Magdeburg From the Journal of Philip Fröhlich 16 October 1634 Monday Breakfast/lunch– 2 barley rolls 1 pfennig 1 cup small beer 1 quartered pfennig Supper– 1 wurst 1 pfennig 2 mugs beer 1 pfennig Did the cash entries in Master Gröning's accounts today, then reviewed Saturday's entries. Found two errors in Thomas's work and took [...]

1632 Non Fiction

I have been asked a number of times how much research I did in order to invoke the sense of place that often pervades 1635: The Papal Stakes. The answer is, "Lots." And there are two parts to that answer. The first part is the frank admission that strong reliance upon good libraries, wary utilization [...]

Here is the list of persons either living in the Ring of Fire period or who directly impacted the political scene leading up to the Ring of Fire:   István Bocskay, Prince of Transylvania (1557-1606) He was a very important figure leading up to this period: learning about his person and his achievements is essential [...]


It’s been a hell of a last six months or so. Not only was the American election a nightmare of screaming and fighting—not just among the candidates, but among the voters as well—and in 2017, the acrimony has grown worse. To make matters even worse, celebrities, icons, and just plain marvelous folk have been dying [...]

This Issue’s Cover – 70 David Carrico's magazine within a magazine,  Der Schwarze Kater, provides the inspiration this month. If  Der Schwarze Kater ever starts taking submissions, I intend to be first in line!  - Garrett Here is the original version without the lighting effects:

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