Vol. 69, Jan 2017

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In 1631, or 2000, depending on how you look at it, the town of Grantville and its environs were ripped from West Virginia and deposited in a whole new universe, plunking down in the middle of Thuringia in the Germanies, in the midst of the Thirty Years’ War. This month the Gazette takes us even [...]

1632 Fiction

Magdeburg July 1636   Friedrich von Logau stuck his head into his friend Johann Gronow's office.  Hmm.  Not here.  But his door had been left open, so he must be out for just a moment and should be back soon.  So he entered the office to wait for Johann, taking a seat in the visitor's [...]

September, 1636, Prague, Bohemia Dr. Phillip Theophrastus Gribbleflotz, president for life of the Royal Academy of Science, knew what was coming the moment Samuel Hartlib, the secretary of the Royal Academy, stepped into his personal laboratory at the top of the Mihulka Tower—there could be no other reason for him making the climb. "What am [...]

Wittenförden November, 1635   Kunigunde stood in the quiet dim coolness of her mother’s house near the very center of Wittenförden, a small, secluded village where she knew she was not welcome. The house, before, during, and after her mother, had been slowly expanded so that the loft was now more of a shelf, and [...]

Gyulafehérvár, Transylvania January 15, 1634   Later they said it all had happened because of the good looks of copper-haired Mary. Pretty she was and kind, as a daughter of a Saxon innkeeper should be. The generous way she cast her eyes from below her light copper hair was attracting the thirsty folks to this [...]

Continuing Serials

It was nearing six o'clock when Johann made his way to the Duchess Elisabeth Sofie Secondary School for Girls for the second time that day.  He felt his neck and face where the barber had trimmed his beard and shaved his neck and cheeks to give a somewhat cleaner appearance.  It all felt good.  He [...]

Hartmann escorted the shaken Kirsten to the MP tents, telling her to wait while he went inside. However, things looked to be getting worse. “Murder?” Hartmann asked in a chilly voice. “Yes.” Captain Hess from the MP Company told him from his seat at his desk. “You know the way things go in a situation [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Ironically, the last great chase of 1635: The Papal Stakes was cut from the novel. Reason: it simply was not essential to the plotline that we see the failed Spanish attempt to intercept the rescue forces that extracted Frank and Giovanna Stone from their prison in the high reaches of the Castell de Bellver’s lazarette. [...]

Here is a list of the cities and frontier castles in Royal Hungary, Transylvania, and the occupied lands: The cities and castles of the Trans-Danubian Region and Upper Hungary—the Hungarian Highland—are listed here. They were either in Habsburg hands or taken by Prince Rákóczi I in the 1630s. Some of them were captured by the [...]


My mind has always worked in "what-ifs." Sometimes that makes me a science fiction writer. Often, it makes me an alternate history writer. Once in a while, it makes me a pure historical writer. I tend to view current events through two prisms: the prism of my real life, with all its needs, opinions, and [...]

This Issue’s Cover – 69 This cover springs, or rather pounces, from the pages of "The Long Road Home, Part 2" by Nick Lorance. To honor their fearless and fiercely just Sergeant Hartmann, his men base their new regimental flag on his recently acquired nickname: "The Wolverine." The Latin text of the motto,  Aequo Pugna [...]

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