Vol. 67, Sep 2016

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Welcome once again to the seventeenth century, and the Ring of Fire Universe. In the time since 3500 people and their town of Grantville appeared in Thuringia about halfway through the Thirty Years War, the technology, and most of all, the attitudes, philosophies, and existence of this town from the future have had a terrific [...]

Are you only living in 2016 because you missed the Ring of Fire? Do you wish you could use up-time info to devise cool, weird tech? Do you really want to sell some Barbie dolls in Vienna? Sounds like you need a Ring of Fire fix! No better place than FenCon in Dallas, September 23-25, [...]

1632 Fiction

November, 1635 Hair Club 250, Grantville   Gripping the arms of the salon chair tightly, Dana Hudson said to the owner-stylist, "Mrs. Beasley—" Kim Beasley and the petite, young woman in the chair looked a bit alike. Both the salon owner and the client had natural strawberry blonde hair and high cheekbones. Kim took the [...]

Late Fall, 1635   The front door to Hair Club 250 opened. A howl of wind and a spray of sleet came through the door of the salon with a short dark-haired man. He shook himself like a dog, getting the just-mopped floor wet again. Kim Beasley, the owner and chief stylist of the salon, [...]

Grantville August, 1632   To one of the up-timers, it was just a ten-foot by ten-foot storage shed behind a house on one of the hills that surrounded the town of Grantville. It was now the home of Richard Hartmann, a sergeant in what they called their New United States Army. While smaller than the [...]

The snow twisted and writhed in the wind. Flakes continued to fall in a white, frozen swirl that made it difficult to see. John tugged his coat tighter about him. Even Red was shivering beneath her heavy cloak. Only Ray seemed comfortable with the weather. Between the bulk of his body fat and winter gear, [...]

Magdeburg November 28, 1636   Daniel von Block sat dangerously close to his fireplace as he read again the devastating letter in his hand. He couldn't believe it . . . your unethical behavior during the mural competition has brought into question your judgment . . . Frau Schlosser was pulling her commission because she [...]

Continuing Serials

Wechmar December, 1634   To Christoph Bach In Wechmar   Brother, word has come to me that Mama has died.  Since Papa died of the plague eight years ago, that leaves me the head of the family.  I have moved from Suhl to Magdeburg to pursue greater opportunities here.  You must come to me immediately. [...]

1632 Non Fiction

The longest running battle in the entirety of 1635: The Papal Stakes does not involve guns or horses or ships, but holy writ. Arguably, the theological fate of Roman Catholicism—and consequently, the prospects for near-term cessation of internecine religious hostilities among the Judeo-Christian peoples of the world—rest with the outcome of the struggle between the [...]

Foreword The science-fiction book 1632 by Eric Flint and its Ring of Fire series created an alternative universe where a small American miners' town from 2000 AD with all its residents and buildings gets relocated to Thuringia, Germany, in the year 1631—right in the middle of the Thirty Year War. History is greatly affected by [...]

The enclosed decks of ships were man-made caves, and were it not for openings in the hull and decks, or artificial lights, they would have been as dark as night, even in the daytime. At night, of course, the sailors would be dependent on moonlight or even starlight if they didn't have artificial lights. Adequate [...]


I don't often do a full-on commercial when I write non-fiction. I'm not the modest sort, but I'm a bit reticent at times to toot my own horn. However, I've convinced myself that what I'm doing today is not about my horn, it's about everyone else's. As I've mentioned in previous columns, I edited what [...]

This Issue’s Cover – 67 Terry Howard's hilarious story Overflow supplies the inspiration this issue. How could I resist flying sauerkraut? Duck! -Garrett  

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