Vol. 66, Jul 2016

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The Story So Far . . . By Walt Boyes   “What’s in a name . . . ?” In the new universe created by the cosmic accident that sent the West Virginia town of Grantville back in time and across continents to Europe in 1631, Terry Howard’s first offering in this issue is “HAIR [...]

The yearly gathering of the 1632 clans is getting closer! Whether you’re interested in tech, or politics, or religion, or costuming, or sociology, it’s time to come together and enjoy the 1632 Universe. The Minicon this year will be co-located with Fencon XIII (www.fencon.org). The dates are September 23rd through the 25th, in the Westin [...]

1632 Fiction

Early Fall 1635   "Ken, when are you going to put up a new sign?" Kim Beasley asked her husband. "I ain't," he said, reaching across the breakfast table for the butter. "That sign's been there all these years. It does a good job. We don't need a new sign." "But all you did was [...]

Near Grantville, 1635 The scarecrows flowed along the road towards Grantville like a river of death.  The Monster Society stood their ground watching them come.  As always, John took the lead, barking orders at Ray and the others.  Scully and Red opened fire on the monsters.  Scully's up-time handgun thundered as she squeezed off round [...]

November 8, 1620 Bohemia   Richard ran back toward the line of tents, holding in his arms a precious treasure—two lengths of sausage and a whole cabbage. It had been hard in the last week; ripped from their home by the advancing army of Count Tilly, mother dying within a day, Hans who had been [...]

  August 1635   Mikayla Barnes squinted against the late morning sun bringing the town of Plötzkau into focus. Set well back from the lazy loops of the Saale, it looked exactly like an illustration out of Grimm's Fairy Tales—just like all the other German towns Mikayla had seen since she and the rest of [...]

Copenhagen, September 1636   The shop was humming. All around the room, large twelve-cylinder engines sat in various levels of completion. Lars Holgersen, shop supervisor, walked from position to position, inspecting the engines in process. The men knew exactly what they were doing; after all, they had already completed six engines for the Royal Anne. [...]

Leiden, June 1634   Bonaventure Elzevir was a happy man as he bustled towards the bookshop nestled in the grounds of Leiden University which he owned with his nephew Abraham. The high sun shone down on Bonaventure's stylish black breeches and doublet, white shirt and wide lace collar, plump frame, and his warm and genial [...]

Grantville, 1635   Federico Ballarino took an appreciative sip of the Thuringian Gardens lager. It had been a long day; his train from Magdeburg to Grantville had suffered a breakdown, costing him two hours. When he finally arrived, he dropped his gear off at "Cair Paravel"—the name Princess Kristina had insisted on giving to her [...]

September 1635   One fine morning Robert Smythe, the city of York's most popular pulpiteer, went to the doctor. "Reverend Smythe! And what can I do for you?" "I have, of late, been troubled by these pains in my breast. Well, it is not so much pain as it is pressure. It almost feels like [...]

Continuing Serials

Part III December 1636-January 1637   "Thank you, Bernhard." Rohan watched the grand duke pace around the room, his hands clasped behind his back. "I know that it wasn't convenient for you to send replacements to Lorraine or for these two to travel back here in this weather, for that matter." "It's not as if [...]

1632 Non Fiction

In many ways, 1635: The Papal Stakes is a book dominated by other books and documents—by the Bible, by Vatican II, by learned commentaries, and even by The Lord of the Rings. One of the major writings that remained largely unremarked were the lost accounts of the life and teachings of Duns Scotus, a major [...]

In "Marine Radio in the 1632 Universe" (GG 52) we took a broad look at what would be possible in the way of long-distance radio communication during the seventeenth century's prolonged deprivation of high-frequency ionospheric skip. Much of the focus in that article was on northern Europe and the Atlantic. Now our fictional universe has [...]


So Fan-Girl
Notes from The Buffer Zone:  The Past is Another Country By Kristine Kathryn Rusch   Lately, when I look at science fiction, I find myself looking at the past. Some of that is my age: I’m now old enough that the world of my childhood is so far distant from this world that it actually [...]

This Issue’s Cover – 66 I decided to do something really different this issue, inspired by the latest of Eric S. Brown's Monster Hunters tales, An Army of Scarecrows. It's the kind of thing we used to do when we were kids (Before they called it LARPING we called it playing), and I hope to [...]

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