Vol. 65, May 2016

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“16 tons and what do you get. . . ?” In the new universe created by the cosmic accident that sent the West Virginia town of Grantville back in time and across continents to Europe in 1631, what you get is a steam engine powering a gantry crane, doing work that would have needed a [...]

It’s nearly time for the yearly gathering of the 1632 clans. Whether you’re interested in tech, or politics, or religion, or sociology, it’s time to come together and enjoy the 1632 Universe. The Minicon this year will be co-located with Fencon XIII (www.fencon.org). The dates are September 23rd through the 25th, in the Westin DFW [...]

1632 Fiction

Copenhagen, August, 1636 Niels Isaksen was young and ambitious. He had been working for Halmsted Construction for several years, but now saw an opportunity to advance himself. It was risky, but a young man wanting to build his life and impress the father of the beautiful Sarah Brinker must take risks. So his arrogance lead [...]

Author's note: A Pirate Made is a prequel to The Doom of Sallee, originally published in Grantville Gazette, Volume 62.   April, 1631 Off the coast of Portugal   Lysbeth Janszoon van Haarlem worked to loosen the damp knot of her neck scarf and leaned back into the curved railing on the aft deck of [...]

The USE assistant ambassador's office, Venice Early March 1635 Wells Turski looked at the middle-aged guy sitting on the chair opposite him and frowned. Estil was a good old friend. And a hell of a guy. But he had a serious flaw; he attracted trouble like moths to a flame. As was the case now. [...]

Magdeburg, 30 October 1634   Hartmann looked at the sign in Fraktur: He had heard of the shop from Linus Becker, his assistant at the training facility. They had come up to Magdeburg from Suhl and opened their shop here less than a mile from the Army base outside the city of Magdeburg. He walked [...]

St. Pietersberg, Netherlands Midsummer's Eve, 1636 The road into Maastricht wound along between the river and the foot of the steep-sided hill. Joris de Groon was perfectly content to trail along at the end of the party—the half-dozen men weren't raising enough dust to matter, and it mercifully left a little distance between him and [...]

Now that I am near the end of my life, with the emperor of all maladies tugging at my body and spirit, I feel compelled to recount for you the terrible, frightening events that haunted my youth. How shall I go on? As Umberto Eco did . . . "I prepare to leave on this [...]

Continuing Serials

  Part I November-December, 1636   Besançon   ". . . so since he also holds the rank of prince étranger because of his descent from the ruling house of Brittany before it was incorporated into the territories of the French crown, Papa is not only entitled to be formally addressed as ‘Your Highness' rather [...]

1632 Nonfiction

After Thomas North shared the grim secret of his crucial absence during Liam Donovan's tragic loss, there remained the matter of whatever unresolved personal tensions—both positive and negative—existed between him and Sherrilyn Maddox. However, their eventual conversation on the matter of the emotions that existed between them—or not—was not able to occur until they were [...]

In Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, the sailor Penelon tells the story of a crisis at sea he had survived. His ship had pitched heavily for twelve hours, scudding under bare poles in a gale, and finally sprung a leak. Penelon continues: "All hands to the pumps," I shouted; but it was too late, [...]


Yesterday, I spent an hour going through shelves and shelves of old books. I along with my husband, Dean Wesley Smith, happen to own those old books. Dean’s a well-known sf writer, but what most people don’t know about him is that he’s also a lifelong collector. When our dear friend, book dealer Bill Trojan, [...]

This Issue's Cover - 65 Baseball Season Begins, 1637 A Dutch family who has relocated to Grantville find they must adjust to new traditions. The source image is attributed to Quirijn van Brekelenkam, 1622-1679. Several thoughtful readers have commented that they are enjoying the covers featuring juxtapositions of the new and old timelines, so I [...]

Time Spike

It was the morning after the big party, and Nate's head was still swimming from the crazy locoweed he had been smoking. He stumbled, bleary-eyed, out onto his front porch and looked at the colorful tipis dotting his meadow. Tipis . . . why are there tipis dotting my meadow? He was pretty sure they [...]

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