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The Story So Far…

Welcome to the 17th Century! We have attempted to make this thrill ride as realistic as possible, so keep your hands on the book or e-reader, and hang on! After the blinding and painful flash of light that they call the Ring of Fire, the people of the little town of Grantville, West Virginia had [...]

Matters of State: The Escape

Kent, England Autumn, 1634   Harry Vane and his friend Benjamin Verney sat by the fire in the drawing room, well-fed and relaxed, with brandy to finish the evening. Harry had not been to London since the spring, and had not often been there since returning from the Continent a year earlier, so there was [...]

Reed & Kathy Sue

Our House, Grantville! Tuesday, June 12, 1635 Dear Reed,         I miss you so much already.  Wish you could have stayed, but they need you.  I’m so proud of you.         Thank you so much for moving us back to Grantville.  It was a hassle you didn’t need just before you deployed, but I appreciate [...]

The Night Soil King

In November of 1634 a great tidal wave overran the entire area from the Waddensea lowlands in the north of Germany and the Netherlands to the west coast of Denmark killing thousands of people and animals. It arose at night while many slept with no chance to escape. The survivors called it “A Great Drowning [...]

Ein Feste Burg, Episode 23

­ Chapter 32: Shots in the Dark   Poland, West of Poznań October 1635   “Moritz,” the mortally wounded Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel wheezed. “Yes, brother, I’m here.” Moritz took a hesitant step closer. The overwhelming smells of death and up-time disinfectant in the medical tent made him want to gag. His brother—half-brother to be exact—wouldn’t [...]

About the Faces on the Cutting Room Floor, Number Two: The Secret Guilt of Thomas North

Sherrilyn Maddox’s perplexity regarding Thomas North’s strange reactions to her was magnified when he avoided detailing the apparent falling-out he had with his co-commander of the Hibernian Mercenary Battalion, Liam Donovan. It took a while for the circumstances—both those of their adventure and their interaction—to be suitable for the truth of the matter to emerge, [...]

Life at Sea in the Old and New Time Lines: Part 1, Providing Nourishment

In September, 1773, Samuel Johnson wrote, “A man in a jail has more room, better food, and commonly better company” than a sailor (Boswell, Life of Johnson 112). Insofar as shipboard food (and drink) are concerned, the most important impact of up-time knowledge in the long term is that we will be able to substantially [...]

Notes From the Buffer Zone: Snoopy and the USB Drive

  I spent way too much time tonight staring at a cheap USB drive. It has a famous image of the Peanuts Gang on both sides. Schroeder plays the piano while everyone else smiles and listens. Even Snoopy, who sits on top of the piano instead of dancing his way across the drive. And I [...]

This Issue’s Cover -64

This Issue’s Cover -64 Bad News from the Future! Charles I of England learns that things did not go well for him in the future that Grantville came from! The source artwork is a portrait by Gerrit van Honthorst, 1628. Cromwell’s England is a book that may or may not exist. If one does, this [...]

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A Green Tongue

The thing swayed ever so slightly in the interrogation bay. Purple streaks ran vertically up a midsection I would best describe as a thick trunk. Limbs sprouted from the trunk with flat pads at its ends that looked remarkably like leaves. On its top perched an enormous maw—closed like a flower waiting for the dawn—with [...]