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The Story So Far . . . (read me first)

  After the blinding and painful flash of light that they call the Ring of Fire, the people of the little town of Grantville, West Virginia, had to come to terms with the notion that they were elsewhere. It took a while for them to figure out that they now lived in a different universe, started [...]

The Doom of Sallee

Grantville August 1635   "Grantville." It was a strange name to Mohamed Amine Radi's ear, and as outlandish as the stories told of these foreigners. Yet at the moment, Radi struggled more to fathom the order and cleanliness of the mysterious Americans' incredible city. Even the roads were impossibly smooth, almost as if the entire [...]

Sergeant Whatsisname

It was not a Duke nor Earl, nor yet a Viscount—      It was not a big brass General that came;    But a man in khaki kit who could handle men a bit,      With his bedding labelled Sergeant Whatsisname.   Magdeburg, May 20, 1631   The lieutenant had decided to rape the woman first; his ensign [...]

The Grantville Two-Step

April 1635   Louis Garrison shot up in bed, his eyes wide in terror and his breath coming in rapid gasps.  He looked around the dark room in confusion.  “Where am I?  This isn’t my room.” There was no one in the bed next to him and he searched the darkness in a panic.  “Where’s [...]

Engines of Change: The Miller’s Tale

Copenhagen, September 1636   Michael Skov had always been called a bookworm. Even as a student, he could always be found up to his elbows in books. He liked books, always some new nugget of information, always some new poetic vision. At the age of twenty-three, Michael had been considered a man for some time. [...]

The Ice Queen

The Mountain Top Baptist Bible Institute August, 1636 One sunny afternoon in the front parlor . . . Nora MacDermott found herself brought up short, wrestling with two variant texts of the same scripture passage, texts she would never have even imagined had her Bibelgesellschaft connections not gained her entry to this astonishing library. Seeing [...]

The Monster Among Us

Somewhere outside of Grantville, 1635 The night was dark. A storm was brewing in the clouds hovering over the forest. Soon, the heavens would break, and the rain would pour down in waves. Red knew that time was short. She and Ray had to move quickly or everything would be over before it ever fully [...]

Penitence and Redemption

West Virginia County Courthouse September 20, 1634 James Rothrock interrupted his pacing behind the defense table and turned to the rail dividing the room when his old tutor William Oughtred came up to it and leaned across to be heard above the spectators' murmuring. "Be of good heart, James. 'Tis not a capital charge, after [...]

Painted Into a Corner, Episode Three

PART THREE   Magdeburg, November 12, 1636   Daniel von Block sat in his studio, drinking hot black coffee and watching embers glow in the stove that heated the room. He was cold, but more than that, he was frustrated. Now that phase two of the competition was over, their mural delivered to the opera [...]

Sexuality in the Seventeenth Century

(Text version, expanded, with citations, of a presentation at LibertyCon, Chattanooga, TN, June 26, 2015). The subtitle in the program, to the effect that the 17th century was not Victorian England, was added by Paula Goodlett, then-editor of the Grantville Gazette, as a teaser, I believe.1 However, it has some relevance, in that we have [...]

Notes from The Buffer Zone: Adopting

  I’m an early adopter. It drives my husband crazy. I want the newest, latest gadget the moment I hear about it, and I want it now. He won’t let me go to any consumer electronics shows unsupervised (and without a wallet on my person) for fear that I’ll come home with more stuff than [...]

This Issue’s Cover -62

This Issue’s Cover -62 Early Adopter Rainer Prem very kindly sent me a link to the original painting, thinking that it may be useful, and indeed it was! Thanks, Rainer! The source painting is Woman playing the Virginal by Jan Miense Molenaer (1610-1668). Replacing the spinet with a laptop was fun, adding another downtimer ‘early [...]

The First Cavalry of the Cretaceous, Part One

Part One: A Conspiracy of Ravens Fort Lookout, Mesa Top Nate Tucker was kissing the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was the Raven Priestess, worshiped by her people. A crowd of onlookers surrounded them, which apparently didn't bother her one bit. He could hear Gonzalo's soft laughter nearby. As might be expected, [...]

The Flood

Ash figured thirteen was much too young for a human to survive on her own. It wouldn't be long before Jaelyn would need to do just that, though. The least Ash could do was prepare her for the inevitable. The monsoon season on Buncombe's northern hemisphere was winding down when he took her on her [...]