Vol. 61, Sep 2015

Read Me First…

Hi, I’m Walt Boyes, and I want to welcome you to Gazette 61, my first issue as the new Editor. I’ve been involved in the 1632 Universe (and was involved in Jim Baen’s Universe as well) since the beginning, and I’ve been a professional author and editor for over 30 years. I’ve had several stories [...]

1632 Fiction

County of Marion Office of Tax Assessor Government Haus, #109 High Street Grantville   September 1, 1633     Tom Stone Stonehaus Grantville   Mr. Stone,   It has come to the attention of the assessor's office that your property tax assessment for the years 1631 and 1632 did not include a valuation of the [...]

"Look at this, Leopold!" his wife Potentiana called. Leopold Cavriani took the letter and read it with growing delight and excitement:   Coudenberg Palace Brussels, Netherlands November 22, 1634   Cavriani Frères Geneva   Dear Sirs:   Please be so kind as to deliver Our letter of thanks (enclosed) to Mr. Marc Cavriani, for his [...]

  Late Spring, 1632 Dr. Les Blocker snorted moonshine out of both nostrils. Gagging and coughing, he spat the liquor out on the floor of his screened porch. “Dammit all, even the batches of shine taste different since the Ring of Fire and this batch tastes like burnt billy goat assholes. The sun comes up [...]

A town somewhere outside of Grantville, 1635   Henrietta was nervous as she crept her way down the street. Tonight would be her first time attending a real meeting of the Society. The leader behind it all preferred to remain anonymous. She could understand why. The sort of “truths” he was teaching were dangerous. She [...]

“Princess?” Johanna of Anhalt stopped with one foot on the lowest step of the main staircase and turned her head to see a lay sister in the regulation black dress, white cap, and apron offering her a large folded sheet of good quality paper sealed with red wax. “A letter for me?” Johanna took it. [...]

Copenhagen, July 1636 The old longboat was what their forefathers had called a ship of twenty-six rooms for the twenty-six oars, lucky thirteen on each side. And twenty-six men on those oars. They all faced aft, where the Captain stood and shouted orders. Captain Olsen’s voice came loud and clear. "All together! Pull!" Eric Lange [...]

Monday, June 24, 1635   I stopped at The Striped Cat at the end of the first day's ride. The inn's namesake—or perhaps a descendant—was sunning herself on the steps. The building was new, less than twenty years old. Most of Tangermünde had burned in the Fire of 1617. When I pulled the door open, [...]

Continuing Serials

PART TWO   Magdeburg, October 1, 1636 Lady Beth heard the pounding in her head and thought she was dreaming. Or was it a nightmare? Unfortunately, it persisted, and finally she awoke enough to realize that it was not her headache-addled mind, nor was it the touch of a cold that insisted on blocking her [...]

Chapter 30: Home, Sweet Home   Landgrave's Castle, Kassel, Capital of the Province of Hesse November 1635 Christine awoke with a start. At first, she didn't remember where she was. The bed was uncommonly soft; the air in the room was too warm and dry. But then the scent of burning wood and beeswaxed furniture [...]

1632 Non Fiction

Fire and Explosion Risks from Lift Gases and Fuels It's at last time to confront the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the airship design classroom: hydrogen fires and explosions. Hydrogen, the lift gas that provides the most lift, is also the most dangerous. The following table provides lower (LFL) and upper (UFL) flammability limits at room [...]


    Grantville's celebrated "Stone Dome" with the Stone's even more celebrated cash crop.

In Memorium
Long time SF and 1632 fan Don Hodge ​​​passed away 14 August 2015. Many of the 1632 and Baen community met Don through his presence at 1632 minicons, the Sail to Success and Super Stars writing seminars and through Facebook. He is fondly remembered and will be missed.

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